What Are Ob-Gyny Medical Assistant Duties?

What Are Ob-Gyny Medical Assistant Duties?

An ob-gyny medical assistant can make a significant difference to the workload of ob-gyny professionals and, given how busy these physicians are, an assistant represents a wise investment.

After all, the world of ob-gyny healthcare is a complex and varied one. Physicians are busy treating patients, and this means that an intense administrative workload can quickly build up. Therefore, an ob-gyny medical assistant is an essential addition to any ob-gyny team. But what are the exact duties they can take on? And how does an ob-gyny medical assistant fit into the modern, digital landscape?

What is an Ob-Gyny Medical Assistant?

Working alongside obstetricians and gynecologists, an ob-gyny medical assistant is expected to not only assist these physicians, but also act as a contact point between them and their patients. It’s an area of healthcare which is currently experiencing a high demand for medical assistants, and it’s a demand which is set to continue growing for several years. The position of ob-gyny medical assistant currently commands an average wage of $17.54 per hour, but this can easily rise to $25 per hour for the highest earners. The role itself requires the employee to take on a diverse range of responsibilities, but it’s a highly rewarding position and one which boasts a number of exciting opportunities.

Understanding the Duties of an Ob-Gyny Medical Assistant

Every day for an ob-gyny medical assistant will be different in terms of duties and workload, but there are many constants within the role. Their main area of expertise will always be located in the realm of administration. This means that it’s the perfect solution for ob-gyny professionals to relinquish the many administrative duties which prevent them from focusing on their patients. It’s a win-win situation for both those in an ob-gyny team and their patients. By bringing an ob-gyny medical assistant on board, you can trust them to take care of the following duties:

Appointment scheduling:

with physicians seeing, on average, up to 20 patients a day, appointment scheduling is a major priority. But for a busy ob-gyny physician, this is difficult to manage. Thankfully, this is where an ob-gyny medical assistant can take charge. They can quickly and easily organize appointment ledgers, so this ensures that appointments are promptly booked, reminders sent out, and follow-ups automatically booked onto your system.

Assist with telemedicine consultations:

as a result of the pandemic, telemedicine experienced a sharp rise in popularity, and it appears to be here to stay. However, many patients still find accessing virtual appointments a struggle, and these technical issues often result in appointments having to be cancelled. But it doesn’t have to be like this. With an ob-gyny medical assistant supporting your team, you can be sure they are fully trained in assisting patients. They can understand clear instructions on how to access their virtual appointments. This minimizes frustration for your patients and ensures a high success rate for appointment attendance.

Answer patient queries:

Patients will always be anxious about their health, and this means that they will, understandably, always have a long list of queries. These could relate to appointments, prescriptions, or general medical enquiries, but most of these queries can easily be dealt with by an ob-gyny medical assistant. So, instead of disturbing and breaking the concentration of an ob-gyny physician, an assistant can simply deal with patient queries by checking their records to find the answer.

Maintain electronic health records (EHR):

it’s crucial that a patient’s EHR is accurate, this guarantees a seamless flow of information which can be shared among healthcare providers. But many physicians find that updating these records can be a time-consuming process. A much simpler solution is for an ob-gyny medical assistant to take this duty on. They can efficiently handle data entry, patient information updates, and record maintenance from any location, ensuring real-time updates. This reduces the administrative burden on physicians and makes sure that patient records are up to date.

Co-ordinate referrals:

patients who visit an ob-gyny physician will often need to be referred to other specialists for investigations and care. While the input of a physician is required here, it’s not essential that they complete the referral process themselves. Instead, an ob-gyny medical assistant can easily access referral systems and complete the administrative tasks required to trigger and send a referral. Patients, therefore, benefit from not only receiving more focused care from their ob-gyny physician, but also know that their referral will be handled promptly and professionally.

Arrange lab and diagnostic tests:

one of the most important elements of patient care is arranging lab and diagnostic tests. For a physician, however, scheduling and tracking these tests is a major distraction. But an ob-gyny medical assistant has the time to dedicate towards chasing these tests. This prevents delays around tests being completed and also ensures that results are promptly delivered to the relevant clinician. As a result, the health of your patients is managed much more effectively and allows you to deliver the world-class service you’re capable of.

Enhancing Your Service with a Virtual Medical Assistant

Many of the duties required of an ob-gyny medical assistant can be easily accomplished through the Internet. This means that there’s no need for your medical assistants to work side-by-side with your ob-gyny physicians. Instead, you can take advantage of virtual medical assistants. A modern phenomenon, again bolstered by the impact of the pandemic, virtual medical assistants provide a highly convenient solution.

Thanks to advances in internet technology, virtual medical assistants can connect themselves with your IT infrastructure from anywhere in the world. As well as opening you up to a pool of global talent, virtual medical assistants come packed full of benefits such as cost savings and enhanced flexibility. And when we mention cost savings, it’s important to stress just how significant they can be for your service.

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