Foundational Training

Our independent Healthcare Virtual Assistants® are trained extensively in common/specialty medical terminology and medical scribing.

They all have a background in a medical profession - mostly registered nurses, but can vary.

The Same Person

After reviewing our database of online profiles, our clients are able to pick and choose who they would like to work with. They get to work with the same independent Healthcare Virtual Assistant®, every day - much like an in-office worker.

Consistency and specific workflow is key. This allows our clients to build a long-term working relationship.

HIPAA Training

All of our independent Healthcare Virtual Assistants® are certified in HIPAA training. We run NBI background checks on each of our HVAs and make sure that is free and clear. Our clients will have access to these professional documents such as HIPAA training certificate, photo ID, diploma, NBI background check.

Security & Time Tracking

During our vetting process our HVAs are required to undergo and pass computer security/technical audits. We do track and monitor all of our independent Healthcare Virtual Assistants® time using an online time tracking software. It tracks mouse and keyboard movements/activity. Our clients will have a login to access this as well.

A Cost Effective Solution

Virtual scribes come with virtually no overheads attached compared to in-person scribes who require space, equipment and amenities, so this can make a real difference to the accounts every month.

Our pricing is $9.50 per hour with no contracts and no setup fees.

Virtual Medical Scribe
Virtual Scribe Saves Time

Virtual Scribes Are Real Time Savers

Virtual scribes provide a further benefit as the workload is lessened on your in-house staff; this allows your staff to be freed up to concentrate on income generation in the form of ancillary testing and procedures. This, in turn, can lead to increased wages and bonuses for your staff which can boost morale and maximize the level of customer service being delivered.

Gives Patients Better Relationships With Doctors

The one drawback with having an in-person scribe is that the examination room can be a highly personal setting. Many patients may become anxious that someone else is present due to the invasive and personal nature of their appointment.

A virtual scribe, however, nullifies this anxiety as patients find them less intrusive and they help to maintain that age old feeling of privacy in the doctor’s office.

Virtual Scribe Relationship

See How Dr. Rabin Works With His Healthcare Virtual Assistant®, Ella

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