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Optometry Virtual Assistant

Optometry Healthcare Virtual Assistants are an exciting new staffing solution for optometrists. Already experiencing a surge in popularity, OHVAs have the potential to push your optometry business in new directions and take your productivity to new highs. Our OHVAs have already been integrated into countless optometry businesses and are trusted by optometrists all over the country. 

Foundational Training

All of our independent OHVAs come fully trained to deal with all optometry terminology, from the most basic words through to highly complex and specialist terminology.

With a wealth of experience earned from a background in optometry, our OHVAs are ready to take on any challenge. 

The Same Person

Our clients can review our extensive online database of profiles and, from here, they can make an informed decision on which OHVA best meets their needs. Best of all, our clients are then given the opportunity to work with the same independent OHVA every day. This means our clients can develop a relationship in the same way they would with an in-house employee. 

Our objective with this approach is to deliver a high level of consistency to our clients, who we know value a specific and seamless workflow. 

HIPAA Training

We understand the importance of HIPAA training for our clients and guarantee that all our OHVAs are fully certified and compliant with HIPAA regulations.

All of our OHVAs are subject to NBI background checks, this ensures there are no legal complications further down the line. Transparency, of course, is key, and all of our clients will have access to our OHVAs documentation e.g. HIPAA training certificate, photo ID, qualifications, and their NBI background check. 

Security & Time Tracking

Part of our vetting process involves putting our independent OHVAs through computer security and technical audits, which they must pass to work with us. This provides peace of mind to our clients and allows our OVAs to provide the best service they can.

Our OHVAs are tracked and monitored by ourselves through an online tracking system. This tool is used to monitor and analyze mouse and keyboard activity. Access to this system is provided to all our clients in order for them to conduct internal audits and analyses. 

Simple, Cost-Effective Help 

Optometry Healthcare Virtual Assistants are unique in that there are few overheads associated with, especially when compared to an in-house worker. No space needs to be set aside in the office for an OHVA and they will always provide their own IT equipment. Therefore, your optometry business will save on both office space and equipment costs, both of which are valuable results. 
The best news, however, is the competitive pricing plan we have in place for working with our OHVAs. Priced at just $9.50 per hour, our OHVAs represent fantastic value for money. This is the flat rate you will pay, with no hidden extras such as setup fees and contracts. 

Virtual Scribe Saves Time

Enhance Your Productivity

Working with our OHVAs gives your business the opportunity to reduce the intense workload weighing on the shoulders of your in-house employees.

Our OHVAs are highly efficient at tackling their workload and, as a result, your in-house staff will be able to concentrate on their core duties.

Optometrists, for example, will be able to move away from paperwork and focus on their clients. This change in priorities will lead to higher levels of client satisfaction, increased business and, ultimately, rising profits. 

Better Administration Practices

OHVAs offer numerous benefits which can maximize your administrative results. Their virtual presence allows for round-the-clock support, ensuring tasks are attended to promptly. They provide flexible scheduling, adapting to changing demands and urgent needs.

OHVAs have a diverse skill set, enabling them to handle various administrative tasks efficiently, from managing emails and calendars to handling client queries. This means that not only is your admin workload managed efficiently, but your clients receive the best service they can. 

Virtual Scribe Relationship
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