Frequently Asked Questions

How can Hello Rache work for me?

Hello Rache is a live virtual assistant and transcription service for medical professionals. Our VAs can handle a variety of in-office tasks, such as live charting, transcription, and even office administration. There are no contracts and no commitments– Use our service as needed!

What kind of tasks can a healthcare virtual assistant™ handle?

Our virtual assistants are specially selected for their ability to work in a medical setting. They are able to handle various tasks, such as in-room live charting, medical transcription, fax and email management, referrals, medical records, and appointment confirmations. If needed, our VAs can be trained to handle your custom office needs.

How can Hello Rache save me money?

We specialize in saving you time and money! After all, time saved = more money in your pocket.

Think about this scenario: If you see 20 patients per day and spend at least two minutes in their chart, about 40 minutes of your day is spent charting. If you have a live virtual assistant completing your charts in-room, you could use that that extra time to see 2 more patients.

And if your approximate revenue is $70 per patient, you’re now earning an extra $150 per day… which adds up to about $3,000 per month!

What is your current fee schedule?

Our pricing structure is simple! We offer fixed hourly pricing.

• $9 per hour
Remember, there are no contracts or commitments involved. You can use our services as needed!

Why are your virtual assistants special?

Unlike other virtual assistant facilitators, our VAs must go through an application and interview process before being selected. We ensure that our VAs have a degree or certificate proving they have had training in a medical profession (ex: registered nurse or trained medical transcriptionist). Our virtual assistants are also familiar with our recommended EHR software, Practice Fusion, and hold certificates from HIPAA compliance training.

What about HIPAA compliance and the security of my protected health information?

As with any practice, it is a physician’s responsibility to ensure HIPAA compliant procedures are in place when working with contractors/employees. Please see our list of recommended HIPAA-compliant software and programs to use when working with a VA.

We have measures in place to ensure our VAs are pre-screened and we have identifying information on file. We also provide HIPAA compliance training through a specialized program.

Should an intentional breach of protected health information occur overseas, you are protected by the Philippines Data Privacy Act of 2012. This act holds Philippine citizens accountable for their actions and provides coverage to those affected within the United States. You can read more about this act here.

What types of software or programs should I use while working with a virtual assistant?

There are various ways to work with a virtual assistant, and what works for you depends on the tasks you need completed. We recommend the following software for their efficiency and security:

Practice Fusion EHR for charting
Zoom for video conferencing
Google Drive (w/G Suite), a HIPAA-compliant cloud storage service
UpDox for fax management
Ring Central for ingoing/outgoing phone calls

Be sure to discuss your needs and your preferred software with your VA during the interview process. If you prefer to use a different software/program, you may need to train your VA to use it.

How am I protected if my PHI is intentionally compromised within the Philippines?

The Philippine government has recently passed legislation that prosecutes individuals who compromise sensitive information, such as PHI. This is called the Data Privacy Act of 2012. It is similar to HIPAA here in the United States. Philippine citizens can be held accountable for their actions, even if they are working with an entity outside of the country. You can learn more about this act here.