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For consideration to work as a healthcare virtual assistant at Hello Rache, you must be willing meet the following requirements:

  • Provide proof of education or training, such as a degree or certificate in your specialized field (nursing, medical transcription, etc)
  • Provide a valid, government-issued photo ID (such as driver’s license, passport, or professional license)
  • Be proficient in Practice Fusion EMR software (Free training will be provided)
  • Obtain a HIPAA training certificate (Training will be provided)
  • Be able to work nights and weekends (Our clients are US based)
  • If applying to work as a live video virtual assistant, you must have a quiet work environment and have a professional, neutral background with decent lighting (Examples will be provided)
  • Provide BIR registration and TIN number (can provide after training)
  • Provide an updated NBI clearance (can provide after training)
  • Must complete a live interview with Hello Rache coordinator prior to final approval
To work as a virtual assistant, you must meet the following requirements for hardware and software:

  • Have a reliable high-speed internet connection (~5 mbps)
  • Have reliable computer hardware and software (minimums will be provided)
  • Video VAs require a high-definition webcam (recommendations will be provided)
  • Medical transcriptionists will need to download ‘Express Scribe’ software
  • Must have a discreet headset with microphone (recommendations will be provided)

Benefits of Working with Hello Rache

• Work with US-based practices and clinics •

• Work hourly, part-time or full-time •

• Opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with medical professionals for long-term work •

• Ability to work for multiple practices •

• Build your healthcare virtual assistant resume •

• Join a passionate community of like-minded individuals •

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