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Go Home Before 5 O'Clock

We consult medical, healthcare, dental, and veterinary professionals on how they can utilize a Healthcare Virtual Assistant® (HVA) to improve workflow, save time, and make more money by removing the burden of in-room EMR documentation and other back-office tasks.

Healthcare Professionals

Our independent Healthcare Virtual Assistants® are registered nurses and other medical professionals based in the Philippines.

Only $9.50 An Hour

Our pricing is the lowest in the industry at $9.50 per hour with no contracts and no setup fees. If your assistant isn't perfect we'll find you an alternative.

No Long-Term Commitment

We bill weekly, every Monday. No contracts or setup fees. Cancel anytime.

Certified in HIPAA Training

All of our independent Healthcare Virtual Assistants®️ receive training on proper privacy practices and complete a HIPAA training program.

Top-Tier Talent

Every Hello Rache applicant is rigorously tested, vetted, and trained. Our highly selective process leads to long-term working relationships.

Work With The Same Person

Our clients are able to work with the same virtual assistant everyday to ensure consistency and allow for a long-term working relationship.


Your independent Healthcare Virtual Assistant® can be trained in any EMR/EHR or software you use. They will familiarize themselves with your workflow.

Get Help Quickly

Receive candidates for interview in just a day or two. Add more as needed or downsize, no strings attached.

We Work With All Specialties

If you're in the medical, healthcare, dental, veterinary, or other field - we are here to help.

Healthcare Virtual Assistant® (HVA)

Improve workflow, save time, and make more money by removing the burden of in-room EMR documentation and other back-office tasks.


Dental Healthcare Virtual Assistant® (DHVA)

Our independent dental professionals work with you and your dental practice. Learn more about how a DHVA can help grow your practice!


Veterinary Healthcare Virtual Assistant® (VHVA)

We independent veterinary professionals work with you and your practice. Learn more about how a VHVA can help grow your vet practice!

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Dr. Carnett at HelloRache

For Doctors, By A Doctor

Hello Rache was founded by Dr. Mark Carnett, a family physician, in 2017

He wanted to find a better solution after years of fighting with his EMR and working after 5 PM

That’s when Hello Rache was born
Dr. Carnett has been using HelloRache healthcare virtual assistants in his practice in Arizona for years now

It has saved him lots of stress, money, and most importantly, time

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Work With Real People, Virtually

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Healthcare Virtual Assistants Located in Philippines

Guilt-Free Outsourcing

100% of our independent Healthcare Virtual Assistant® workforce is based in the Philippines–a beautiful country known for a friendly, hard-working labor force.

By working with Hello Rache, you are providing steady work and a higher standard of living to Filipino families.

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