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Jessica F., RN

Jessica is a registered nurse. She has 4 years of clinical experience at St. Luke’s Medical Center. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Bulacan, Philippines


Aldrich N., RN

Aldrich is a registered nurse. He has experience working as a clinical nurse. He also has experience handling phone calls for a medical insurance company in the USA.

Benguet, Philippines


Jane V., RN

Jane is a registered nurse. She has 5 years hospital experience as a staff nurse. She is a fast learner, hard-working, and very efficient in her work.

Rizal, Philippines

4 Ways a Healthcare Virtual Assistant ® Can Help Your Practice

Live In-Room Charting

Bring your healthcare virtual assistant® along into the patient exam room and they will live-chart the patient visit real-time.

Referrals, Phone Calls, and More

Your HVA can handle a variety of office tasks, such as phone calls, referrals, prior auths, insurance verifications, appointment confirmations, and more.

Medical Transcription

Upload your dictation to a secure cloud-based file-sharing service and have it transcribed directly into the patient’s chart.

Custom Office Needs

If you have a job that’s not listed, your HVA can usually be trained to complete it.

A Workflow Example With A Healthcare Virtual Assistant ®

Joanna - Hello Rache Healthcare Virtual Medical Assistant

A healthcare virtual assistant® (HVA) can be accessed via tablet or laptop. Here’s an example of how you can take your HVA along to live chart in the patient exam room:

  • Start video session with HVA on your preferred device
  • Enter room; Introduce HVA to patient and explain the reason for their presence
  • Place device in strategic location so HVA can view the patient encounter
  • Conduct visit with patient as usual (your HVA will listen in and live chart as you go)
  • After the visit, you may review information with your HVA and add additional details to the chart as needed
  • At the end of your session, you may clarify any questions your HVA may have
  • Review the notes and sign off
  • You just saved hours of your day!

How It Works With Dental Healthcare Virtual Assistants ®


Choose your Healthcare Virtual Assistant® (HVA)

After reviewing their online profiles, choose and interview a healthcare virtual assistant that best fits your needs. You get the same HVA, everyday.


Get Connected with your HVA

Connect with your HVA via secure video conferencing. Get them access to your EMR/any other software they may need.


Set an Official Start Date

Work with your HVA to set a daily/weekly schedule with them. Just like someone in the office.

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