Meet a Few of Our Healthcare Virtual Assistants

Jessica F., RN

Jessica F., RN

Jessica is a registered nurse. She has 4 years of clinical experience at St. Luke’s Medical Center. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Bulacan, Philippines

Aldrich N., RN

Aldrich N., RN

Aldrich is a registered nurse. He has experience working as a clinical nurse. He also has experience handling phone calls for a medical insurance company in the USA.

Benguet, Philippines

Jane V., RN

Jane V., RN

Jane is a registered nurse. She has 5 years hospital experience as a staff nurse. She is a fast learner, hard-working, and very efficient in her work.

Rizal, Philippines

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4 Ways a Healthcare Virtual Assistant® Can Help Your Practice

Live In-Room Charting

Your virtual assistant can come along in the exam room and live-chart the patient’s visit in real time.

Medical Transcription

Upload your dictation to a secure cloud-based service and have it transcribed into the patient’s chart.

Referrals, Phone Calls, and More

Your virtual assistant can handle a variety of office tasks, such as referrals, prior auths, appointment confirmations, and more.

Custom Office Needs

If you have a job that’s not listed, your virtual assistant can usually be trained to complete it.

A Workflow Example With Your Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Your healthcare virtual assistant® (HVA) can be accessed via tablet, mobile device, desktop computer, or laptop. Here’s an example of how you can take your HVA along to live chart in the patient exam room:

  • Start video session with HVA on your preferred device
  • Enter room; Introduce HVA to patient and explain the reason for their presence
  • Place device in strategic location so HVA can view the patient encounter
  • Conduct visit with patient as usual (your HVA will listen in and live chart as you go)
  • After the visit, you may review information with your HVA and add additional details to the chart as needed
  • At the end of your session, you may clarify any questions your HVA may have
  • Review the notes and sign off
  • You just saved hours of your day!
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