Daily responsibilities of an Optometrist Assistant

Foundational Training

Our OVAs are fully trained and competent in dealing with optometry terminology. We understand our clients want their OVAs to hit the ground running, and we can provide you with OVAs who are highly capable in dealing with specialist and complex terminology.
All of our OVAs have extensive optometry backgrounds, and this invaluable experience makes them perfectly placed to push your business forwards.

The Same Person

Continuity is crucial in business. This means working with the same OVA, day-in and day-out, is vital for success. Luckily, our clients have the opportunity to choose from our vast pool of talent and, after choosing the best fit for their business, continue working with them.
With such a strong working relationship in place, your OVA will thrive in the workplace and deliver a world-class service for you and your customers.

HIPAA Training

One of the most vital requirements for any optometry business is a set of staff who are fully trained in HIPAA. With this in mind, we ensure that all of our OVAs are fully trained and certified, as well as being subject to successful NBI background checks. 

This not only guarantees that your team is certified and compliant, but also reassures your customers that they are in safe hands. This is backed by a strong dedication to transparency towards our clients, so all training certificates, photo identification, and background checks are easily accessible to provide peace of mind. 

Security & Time Tracking

Security is an important element when it comes to working with OVAs. This is why our independent OVAs must prove to us that they are competent in passing computer security and technical audits. If they pass these stringent tests, we know they are right for us and perfect for our clients. 

Our OVAs are fully tracked and monitor to ensure that our clients only pay for the work they receive. This is monitored by our sophisticated tracking system, which our clients have full access to, that measures mouse and keyboard activity. It’s an approach which engenders trust and guarantees that we provide value for money to our clients. 

What Are Some Optometry Virtual Administrative Tasks? 

Optometrists are very busy professionals, and this means the main areas that OVAs can support them in are: 

  • Efficiently manage and organize patient appointments, ensuring that appointment ledgers run smoothly and scheduling conflicts are minimized
  • Gathering relevant patient information and symptoms to complete pre-screening and triage checks to determine the care required
  • Educating patients through the use of information resources and handling any basic eye health questions to provide excellent aftercare
  • Handling the insurance verification process effectively to guarantee that patients have peace of mind that their insurance coverage is accurate
  • Sending automated reminders to patients to remind them that appointments are due or that their prescriptions are ready to collect 
  • Co-ordinating referrals to eye specialists such as ophthalmologists to make sure that patients receive care in a timely and appropriate manner 

Optometry virtual assistants can deliver on all these tasks to a very high standard, and their talents mean that they can also do a great deal more. As a result, optometrists can feel assured that they can delegate these duties on a daily basis and concentrate on focusing on clinical care.

Virtual Admin Assistant - Clock

Enhanced Operating Hours

Our optometry virtual assistants are highly flexible when it comes to their working patterns, and this gives you the opportunity to operate your business out of hours and at weekends. The main benefit of this that it allows your optometry professionals to dedicate more time to crucial patient-facing tasks during the day. 

Minimal Equipment Costs

It’s expensive when you need to supply your entire workforce with equipment, but the beauty of our OVAs is that all they need to connect to your business is a PC. Best of all, they provide this themselves and use their own internet connection to sign into your IT systems. It’s a simple cost saving exercise, and one which opens up room for investment elsewhere in your business. 

Virtual Administrative Assistant - Reducing Costs
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