Foundational Training

Our Healthcare Virtual Assistants® are trained extensively in common/specialty medical terminology, phone communication skills, medical scribing.

They all have a background in a medical profession - mostly registered nurses, but can vary.

The Same Person

After reviewing our database of online profiles, our clients are able to pick and choose who they would like to work with. They get to work with the same Healthcare Virtual Assistant®, every day - much like an in-office worker.

Consistency and specific workflow is key. This allows our clients to build a long-term working relationship.

HIPAA Training

All of our Healthcare Virtual Assistants® are certified in HIPAA training. We run NBI background checks on each of our HVAs and make sure that is free and clear. Our clients will have access to these professional documents such as HIPAA training certificate, photo ID, diploma, NBI background check.

Security & Time Tracking

During our vetting process our HVAs are required to undergo and pass computer security/technical audits. We do track and monitor all of our Healthcare Virtual Assistants® time using an online time tracking software. It tracks mouse and keyboard movements/activity. Our clients will have a login to access this as well.

What Are Some Virtual Administrative Tasks?

In particular, doctors look for support from virtual medical assistants in the following areas

- Scheduling in patients appointments and arranging referrals

- General data entry such as EMR updates

- Patient confirmations and reminders

- Ensuring that insurance documentation is verified and processed correctly

- Greet the patients via video as they walk into the office

- Helping to deal with any patient queries

Now, thanks, to the great number of support that can be provided by virtual medical assistants, our clients are now able to hand over a significant proportion of their daily activities to their Healthcare Virtual Assistants®.

Virtual Administrative Assistant
Virtual Admin Assistant - Clock

Enhanced Operating Hours

Thanks to the availability and flexibility of our Healthcare Virtual Assistants®, a practice can effectively operate after-hours and even on weekends. As a result, the less crucial admin tasks can be completed off-hours and this generates more time during daytime hours for the more urgent and important tasks.

Significantly Reduced Equipment Costs

Almost every single member of staff, whether a receptionist or a scribe, require access to a computer to complete their day to day tasks. And supplying an entire workforce can be a costly things, particularly when you then have to factor in maintenance costs. With our Healthcare Virtual Assistants®, there is no need to provide their equipment as they supply their own and this can seriously slash your equipment costs.

Virtual Administrative Assistant - Reducing Costs

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