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No complicated programs or pricing structures. We walk you through the entire process so you can get started easily.


Our program pricing is the lowest in the industry. Half the cost of anyone you can hire in-office.

Friendly & Efficient

Our virtual assistants are carefully selected to ensure they are friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable.

HIPAA Compliant

All of our virtual assistants are trained and certified in HIPAA compliance.

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Dr. Carnett at HelloRache

For Doctors, by a Doctor

Hello Rache was founded by Mark Carnett, D.O. in 2017

After years of fighting with his EMR and leaving work after 5, he decided enough was enough

That’s when Hello Rache was born
Dr. Carnett has been using HelloRache healthcare virtual assistants in his practice in Arizona for three years now
It has saved him lots of stress, money, and most importantly, time

Healthcare Virtual Assistant & Virtual Scribe

Your healthcare virtual assistant® can accompany you into the exam room via tablet or laptop, and complete your notes as you evaluate the patient.

Dr. Cox Testimonial - Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Administrative Services

We can help you set up a healthcare virtual assistant to take care of faxes, prior authorizations, referrals, prescription refills, and even phone calls.

Medical Transcription

For those who don’t need a live virtual assistant, a trained medical transcriptionist can complete your chart notes quickly and efficiently.

Guilt-Free Outsourcing

100% of our healthcare virtual assistant® workforce is based in the Philippines–
a beautiful country known for a friendly, hard-working labor force.

By hiring through Hello Rache, you are providing steady employment
and a higher standard of living to Filipino families.

Dr. Barry Testimonial - Healthcare Virtual Medical Assistant
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