Reasons to hire an OB-GYN assistant

Top 10 Reasons to Hire an OB-GYN Medical Assistant

Does your OB-GYN office need additional support? Would you like to provide better patient service and manage your office’s increasing workload? An OB-GYN medical assistant is an excellent addition to any OB-GYN practice. They are trained in a wide range of medical and administrative duties allowing them to provide essential support for both physicians and other staff members.

In this article, we’ve compiled the top 10 reasons why hiring an OB-GYN medical assistant is beneficial for any OB-GYN practice.

What is an OB-GYN medical assistant?

A medical assistant in an OB-GYN practice is a trained professional who provides support to physicians and other healthcare personnel. These assistants work specifically in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, helping to manage a variety of tasks within the practice.

There are over 684,726 medical assistants employed in the United States, many of whom specialize in OB-GYN. This type of healthcare practice requires specialized training to manage numerous tasks, such as scheduling appointments, taking patient histories, preparing exam rooms, and providing patient education.

Medical assistants are the backbone of the healthcare industry, as they are usually a direct point of contact for patients and are responsible for many administrative duties. Additionally, they correspond with other healthcare providers, such as laboratory staff, nurses, and physicians.

Graphic defining an OB-GYN assistant

Without the assistance of an OB-GYN medical assistant, a medical practice can face difficulties running efficiently. Insurance claims can back up, leading to long days for providers and strained communication between patients and physicians. An OB-GYN assistant brings unmatched value to your practice.

Hello Rache's virtual assistants are trained and experienced medical professionals who can help streamline your practice operations. Learn more about Hello Rache’s virtual assistant services.

OB-GYN medical assistant job duties

There are many duties that a virtual OB-GYN assistant is responsible for. However, these can vary depending on the type of practice they’re working in. Common day-to-day tasks may include:

Scheduling appointments

Medical assistants typically manage the scheduling of patient visits and procedures. This includes ensuring that appointments are coordinated with other healthcare providers and hospitals, as well as tracking any missed or rescheduled appointments. Without an assistant, a physician may be too busy to manage these tasks appropriately.

Answering phones and responding to inquiries

Front office medical assistants answer incoming calls and respond to patient inquiries. They must be knowledgeable about the practice’s policies and procedures, so they can provide accurate information to callers. Depending on the specialty of the medical office, call volume may be high. An assistant can help manage these inquiries, either virtually or in-person.

Maintaining patient files

Medical assistants work to maintain patient records and file any pertinent documents in the charts. This includes collecting personal information, such as insurance information and medical history, entering this data into the system, and ensuring it is up to date. Medical assistants may also be responsible for preparing consent forms for patients prior to their visit.

Job duties of an OB-GYN assistant

Entering and verifying insurance information

Medical assistants are often responsible for verifying patients' insurance coverage and filing any claims if necessary. They must stay up to date on insurance policies and procedures so that the practice remains compliant with regulations. Medical billing and insurance-related tasks can be extremely time-consuming, as they require close attention to detail. There is no room for error regarding insurance. An OB-GYN assistant experienced in insurance-related tasks is essential.

Recording patient vital signs

Medical assistants are responsible for taking and recording patients' vital signs, such as their height, weight, body mass index (BMI), temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure. This information is important for the doctor to assess the patient’s health and diagnose any medical issues.

Medical billing and coding

Medical assistants may also be responsible for completing insurance-related paperwork and filing claims. They must understand medical terminology, insurance codes, and procedures to complete these tasks accurately. Medical billing and coding-related tasks include submitting bills on time, following up on unpaid bills, and providing patients with information on their options for payment.

An OB-GYN assistant is a valuable asset to any obstetrics or gynecology practice. Their job duties may differ depending on each practice's needs but will typically involve administrative and clinical tasks. By taking care of these lighter responsibilities, an OB-GYN assistant can help physicians focus on patient care and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Top 10 reasons to hire an OB-GYN medical assistant

If you're unsure whether an OB-GYN medical assistant should be part of your practice, consider the following 10 reasons to hire one:

1. To increase patient satisfaction

Visiting the doctor can be stressful for patients, but having a familiar face to greet them can help ease some of that tension. By hiring an OB-GYN medical assistant, you can provide patients with prompt and knowledgeable customer service. Your assistant can answer questions about procedures and conditions as well as help with scheduling and insurance matters. Physicians and healthcare professionals strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for patients, and an assistant can help ensure this goal is achieved.

Illustration of a virtual OB-GYN assistant at work

2. To reduce the staff workload

OB-GYN medical assistants are often the first point of contact with patients and can help manage many administrative tasks. This allows physicians to focus on patient care rather than paperwork, freeing up more time for them to treat their patients. It can also minimize the amount of overtime staff members are required to work.

3. To improve the practice’s efficiency

Medical assistants can provide support in many areas, including medical records, billing, and insurance inquiries, which can help streamline processes within the practice. This increased efficiency may save time and resources. It's easy for healthcare practices to become overwhelmed by paperwork, but with a virtual receptionist from Hello Rache, you can ensure that your practice will run as smoothly as possible.

4. To provide administrative support

Medical assistants are often responsible for completing routine paperwork and filing tasks. This may include checking in patients, scheduling appointments, and maintaining patient records. They can also help manage payroll, billing, and insurance tasks. Administrative tasks are essential for any healthcare practice, and a medical assistant can help make sure these duties are completed in a timely manner.

5. To handle medical records and billing

Medical assistants are responsible for managing patient files, including creating new charts for incoming patients and updating existing ones as needed. They must ensure accuracy regarding data entry, coding, and the filing of documents to maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations. Additionally, they should understand medical insurance coverage to help patients choose the best procedures for their needs.

6. To educate patients on health topics

The goal of any healthcare practice is to provide quality care and education to its patients. Medical assistants are responsible for providing information about health conditions and procedures, as well as answering any questions that patients may have. They can also provide guidance on preventative care measures and explain the importance of follow-up visits.

An OB-GYN assistant can promote healthy work-life balance

7. To ensure the accurate documentation of medical information

Medical assistants must pay close attention when it comes to entering information into patient charts. This includes verifying medications, treatments, diagnoses, and any other relevant information. Accurate and up-to-date documentation is essential for any healthcare practice, and an OB-GYN medical assistant can help maintain this accuracy.

8. To promote a healthy work environment

Medical assistants are often responsible for overseeing the office environment, which includes managing staff and handling patient complaints. Having someone in charge of morale, scheduling, and other administrative tasks helps to ensure that everyone works together as a cohesive unit. This can lead to a positive and productive atmosphere for physicians and staff members alike.

9. To reduce overhead costs

Hiring a medical assistant can be more cost-effective than adding more staff, especially when taking on additional tasks such as filing paperwork or managing patient records. Medical assistants can also complete administrative tasks virtually, eliminating the need for additional office space.

10. To access the best OB-GYN assistants

Access to the best OB-GYN medical assistants can help ensure that your practice provides quality care and service to its patients. By hiring a virtual medical assistant from Hello Rache, you can be sure that your patients’ and their information will be monitored by a trained HVA so that their in-person care can be monitored by you. Our virtual assistants have been trained and certified to provide accurate and up-to-date services for any OB-GYN practice.

These are just some of the perks that a medical assistant can provide to an OB-GYN practice. For those looking to reduce workload, increase patient satisfaction, improve the efficiency of their practice, or reduce overhead costs, Hello Rache is an excellent choice.

Factors to consider when hiring an OB-GYN assistant

If your healthcare practice needs to streamline its processes or increase patient satisfaction, hiring a medical assistant can be invaluable. Here are four factors to consider when looking for the best OB-GYN medical assistant:

 Annual salary for an OB-GYN assistant

1. Budget

Budget is one of the most crucial factors to consider when hiring an OB-GYN medical assistant. The average base salary for an OB-GYN medical assistant is $37,500 (or about $19.50 an hour) — a large expense for most healthcare practices. However, with Hello Rache, you can benefit from clear pricing and save on costs. Pricing is fixed at an affordable $9.50 per hour, putting you in charge of your budget without compromising on quality.

2. Certification

Make sure the candidate has the necessary certifications and is up-to-date on any continuing education they need. Hello Rache has certified OB-GYN medical assistants who are trained in the latest industry regulations and protocols. Technology is constantly evolving, and having a certified medical assistant ensures that your practice will remain compliant with the latest standards.

3. Experience

Prior experience in an OB-GYN practice can be advantageous. Hello Rache offers experienced assistants who have worked in similar practices before. This can help to speed up onboarding and reduce training costs for new employees. All of Hello Rache's virtual assistants have experience in the healthcare field and can offer valuable insights and advice to your practice.

4. Skillset

What skills does the candidate have that will benefit your practice? Hello Rache offers a wide range of skilled assistants, from administrative experts to virtual scribes. Having someone on hand who is knowledgeable about different procedures and treatments can help ensure that your practice will run smoothly.

By considering these factors when hiring an OB-GYN medical assistant, you can be sure that you are connecting with the most suitable person for the job. Hello Rache makes it simple to find a qualified and experienced medical assistant who fits within your budget.

Consider a virtual OB-GYN medical assistant

It can be stressful to keep up with the constant needs of a busy OB-GYN practice. In fact, research shows that nearly 62.8% of physicians suffered from burnout in 2021.

Hiring a virtual OB-GYN assistant

That is why virtual medical assistants can be invaluable to healthcare professionals. Virtual assistants provide the same quality of service as in-house employees but without the overhead costs associated with traditional staffing models.

Choosing a Healthcare Virtual Assistant from Hello Rache can help to lighten the load and reduce overhead costs. These professionals connect with your staff and patients via secure conferencing software, like Zoom, on a laptop or tablet. This makes them a great resource for busy healthcare professionals, as they can provide support during peak times and help to reduce wait times for patients. Ultimately, they make communicating with patients simple.

You can read through Hello Rache FAQs to learn more about how a virtual medical assistant can help your practice.

Learn more about hiring an OB-GYN assistant

Having a virtual OB-GYN medical assistant can be an invaluable asset to any OB-GYN healthcare practice. From reducing workloads and improving patient satisfaction to providing clear pricing and certified professionals, Hello Rache can help you find the right assistant for your needs.

By considering factors such as budget, certification, experience, and skill set when looking to outsource an OB-GYN medical assistant, you can ensure that you are getting the best person for the job. Book a consultation today to learn more.