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A Complete Guide to an OB-GYN Medical Assistant Salary

Is your OB-GYN practice struggling to keep up with the demand? Are you looking for ways to improve efficiency and patient satisfaction? An OB-GYN medical assistant is a professional that supports the work of an obstetrician or gynecologist and can be a valuable asset to your team.

This guide will cover everything healthcare professionals need to know about OB-GYN medical assistants, from their duties and responsibilities to their annual salary and demand.

What is an OB-GYN medical assistant?

An OB-GYN medical assistant is a healthcare professional who supports the work of an obstetrician or gynecologist. They provide administrative and clinical support to help optimize patient care.

This role is perfect for those with excellent organizational skills and a passion for women’s health. OB-GYN medical assistants also commonly have an associate's degree or have completed an accredited medical assistant program.

Typical administrative duties include scheduling patient appointments, updating medical records, filing insurance claims, and managing billing. An OB-GYN medical assistant’s responsibilities also include other non-administrative tasks.

Illustration defining an Ob Gyn medical assistant.

There are over 680,000 medical assistants employed in the US, making this one of the most expansive healthcare professions. Without capable medical assistants, a medical practice cannot provide quality care. There are simply too many tasks and not enough time for doctors to do them all.

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Common OB-GYN medical assistant duties and responsibilities

The duties and daily operations of an OB-GYN medical assistant can vary depending on the practice’s size and needs. However, these professionals tend to provide behind-the-scenes help, performing many clerical and administrative tasks that often plague medical offices.

Some everyday duties and responsibilities of an OB-GYN medical assistant include:

Answering phone calls and scheduling appointments

This is one of the most common tasks for any medical assistant. In a busy OB-GYN practice, doing this task well requires excellent organizational skills and the ability to multitask. With numerous patients and appointments to sort through every day, a medical assistant saves you time while also ensuring that people and appointments are managed properly.

Greeting patients and collecting patient information

An OB-GYN medical assistant is responsible for greeting patients upon arrival, verifying their information, and entering it into the system. It's important to ensure accuracy when dealing with patients' details so that there are no miscommunications or delays in care.

Common duties of an Ob Gyn medical assistant

Updating patient medical records

It's essential for an OB-GYN medical assistant to keep track of all patient information, including updated contact details and relevant health history. Accurate record keeping allows the doctor to make the best care decisions possible. Keeping a medical practice running smoothly is essential, and an OB-GYN medical assistant plays a vital role in maintaining electronic health records.

Assisting with billing and insurance claims

Insurance claims and billing are two of the most important tasks every healthcare practice needs to manage. An OB-GYN medical assistant must accurately enter patient information into the system, submit relevant forms, and follow up on any discrepancies.

Taking medical histories and vital signs

An OB-GYN medical assistant must also be able to record a patient's medical history before the doctor sees them. This includes taking and recording vital signs, such as blood pressure and temperature. This helps the doctor make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate care.

OB-GYN medical assistant salary and demand

The demand for medical assistants, including those with OB-GYN skills, is expected to grow by 16% through 2030. This growth is faster than that found in all other job markets due to the increasing need for healthcare professionals.

 Salary for an Ob Gyn medical assistant

The national average salary for a medical assistant with specific OB-GYN skills is $16.54 per hour, according to Payscale. However, this can vary depending on the level of experience, location, and other factors. Most medical assistants earn an average wage between $13 and $22 per hour, with the highest earners making up to $25 an hour.

The state you live in can also influence the medical assistants’ salary. Some areas have higher salaries due to their higher cost of living. Other states have lower wages; however, those wages may still be attractive for those just starting out in the field.

As the healthcare industry continues to expand, the need for skilled medical professionals like OB-GYN medical assistants will increase.

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Benefits of hiring an OB-GYN medical assistant

OB-GYN medical assistants are essential to any healthcare practice and play a vital role in its success. By covering essential administrative tasks, doctors and other on-site staff can provide quality in-person care to patients. With the help of a virtual assistant, a physician can ensure that their OB-GYN practice runs smoothly and efficiently.

There are numerous benefits to hiring an OB-GYN medical assistant for your practice. With their help, you can take some of the administrative burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on providing quality patient care.

Improved office efficiency

When administrative tasks start to pile up, staff members can get overwhelmed. If you're tired of long nights and early mornings at the office trying to stay on top of everything, a medical assistant may be just what you need. OB-GYN medical assistants work quickly and efficiently to ensure that daily tasks, such as scheduling appointments, filing paperwork, and entering data into the system, are completed on time.

Top benefits of hiring an Ob Gyn medical assistant

Better patient satisfaction

OB-GYN medical assistants are knowledgeable in the field and often act as a liaison between patients and doctors. They can provide valuable assistance when it comes to answering questions or helping with scheduling issues, helping to keep patients satisfied. Even if a patient visits for just a routine checkup, it’s important for them to feel heard and valued.

Increased revenue

Having an OB-GYN medical assistant in your practice can help increase your revenue by streamlining tasks and reducing overhead costs. If you're paying your staff overtime to complete administrative tasks, you can save money in the long run by hiring a professional with medical assisting experience. This will also free up more time for your other staff to focus on patient care, which could lead to additional services and improved satisfaction from your patient base and other local providers.

Better work-life balance for healthcare staff

Having an OB-GYN medical assistant on staff can help balance other staff members’ workloads and make their lives outside the office more enjoyable. With an extra set of hands helping with administrative tasks, your team will have more time to focus on their personal lives outside of work.

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 Illustration of an Ob Gyn Medical Assistant

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