10 Medical Businesses a Doctor Can Start

10 Medical Businesses a Doctor Can Start

The healthcare industry is huge, and this means there are many lucrative opportunities available. However, what medical business can doctors start? After all, healthcare is a wide and varied industry, with all manner of sectors where demand is high. It can be overwhelming trying to decide which niche to enter, let alone formulating a business strategy to succeed in it. Luckily, if you can narrow your options down, it gets much easier.

Understanding Your Options

If you’re asking the question “what medical business can doctors start?” then you’ve come to the right place to find an answer. Thanks to our experience in working with the healthcare industry, we’re fully versed in the opportunities out there for doctors looking to start a new enterprise. So, if you want to know what medical business can doctors start, take a look at these best suggestions:


The rise of telemedicine has been in place for several years, but it’s experienced significant acceleration since the pandemic. And telemedicine represents an exciting business venture for doctors. Making healthcare more flexible and accessible for both patients and doctors, telemedicine platforms allow those living in remote areas or with mobility issues to access vital healthcare services more easily. These platforms can take the form of a website or app and allow both appointment management and video conferencing.

Health and Wellness App:

Everyone loves a good app, and with people putting more emphasis on maintaining their health and wellness, it makes sense to delve into health and wellness apps. For doctors, this means they can offer up services such as fitness tracking, health and wellness advice and dietary advice. Putting this in an app form ensures that patients can access this information from anywhere at any time. And, given the huge size of the app market, it could prove to be financially rewarding for a doctor wondering what medical business can doctors start?

Personalized Genetic Medicine:

All patients are different due to the variety of genetic makeups at play, and this means that different patients often need tailored approaches to their healthcare. Genetic testing can be employed to highlight the specific needs of a patient, and this information can be stored and accessed in a central platform. This data can then be used to personalize and tailor treatments which are best suited to the individual. Genetic testing can be costly, but it represents the future of healthcare.

Medical Transcribing:

Transcription is a crucial part of all healthcare services, so if you want to know what medical business can doctors start, medical transcription is a prime candidate. By setting up a medical transcription service, you can develop a pool of high-quality medical transcriptionists who can easily take on transcribing duties for charts, reports, and medical records. And, as the medical transcription market is so large, it’s one which is ripe with potential for doctors.

Start a Health Information Website:

Websites continue to be a lucrative business venture for almost all industries. Healthcare is no different. Therefore, taking the time to build a fully comprehensive health information website makes sense for those who want to know what medical business can doctors start. Although it can be time consuming, once you’ve populated your website with articles, guides and videos related to health, you can begin making money. This income can come from advertising, premium subscription tiers, and affiliate marketing.


The most valuable asset in healthcare is knowledge. And this knowledge can easily form the backbone of a successful business. Medical students often need help with their studies, so a tutor represents the perfect solution. Accordingly, putting together a team of knowledgeable and experienced tutors makes perfect business sense. By mentoring and developing students, you will be helping the next generation of doctors and generating revenue – a win/win situation.

Healthcare Podcasts:

The podcast market continues to grow and grow, and healthcare podcasts remain a popular genre. Again, knowledge about the healthcare industry is key here. You need to be able to mark yourself out as an authority on your given subject. If you have these skills, you have the potential to reach a huge audience. And if you can develop multiple podcasts with different hosts, this pursuit can quickly turn into a fully-fledged business. The revenues in podcasting are huge, so it’s a business worth considering.

Medical Equipment Rental:

Purchasing medical equipment can be costly, especially when it’s only required occasionally. But there’s a more cost-effective solution: renting medical equipment. With the global medical equipment rental market valued at $59 billion, it’s clear to see it’s a solid business. So, why not set up your own medical equipment rental business? Everyone in healthcare needs a contingency plan in an emergency, and your ability to supply medical equipment could be highly valued.

Corporate Wellness Programs:

More organizations are understanding the importance of health and wellbeing for their employees, so there’s an exciting business opportunity in this area. After all, corporate wellness plans can be complex to design and execute, that’s why many business owners are turning to specialized providers. So, when you’re looking at what medical business can a doctor start, it’s worth launching as a corporate wellness program provider. Your expertise in managing the wellbeing of multiple people, all with different needs, can easily mark you out as the go-to provider.

Home Healthcare:

People are living longer, and healthcare is having to adapt to this aging population. One novel solution is home healthcare, a service which delivers in-home care to seniors. It’s a market which is rapidly growing and has the potential to deliver high returns in the future. Additionally, it’s a rewarding path to take and one which taps into the modern healthcare landscape’s dedication to care.

Get a Helping Hand with a Virtual Assistant

The ten suggestions above should give you an excellent choice when it comes to understanding what medical business can a doctor start. Nonetheless, all businesses are difficult to get off the ground. Therefore, you’re going to need some help, and a virtual assistant is exactly what you’re looking for.

Part of an exciting, new revolution in employment solutions, virtual assistants are packed full of benefits which a new medical business depends on. All a virtual assistant needs to connect with your business is an internet connection, a PC and a set of login credentials. This remote method of working means that you can hire virtual assistants from anywhere in the world, geographical restrictions are now a thing of the past.

And you have plenty of choice when it comes to hiring virtual assistants. Whether you need a virtual receptionist to deal with incoming communications or a virtual scribe to assist your doctors, you can rest assured there’s a virtual solution waiting for you. Hello Rache wants to help you get your new business off the ground, and we can help by supplying best in class virtual assistants. So, whatever your needs, get in touch with Hello Rache today by clicking here.