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Benefits of a Medical Virtual Receptionist

It’s crucial that your healthcare practice can cope with the demand of the modern world. But many are struggling to stay on top of a combination of staff losses, the hangover from Covid-19 and an increased workload. However, your organization doesn’t have to become trapped in a crisis. There’s a way out, and a medical virtual receptionist can help you get there.

Even before the pandemic, there was a lot of chatter about the benefits of virtual assistants. And once Covid-19 struck, due to the uptake in remote working, this became even more pronounced. Still, not every business has considered working with virtual assistants. They’re a new employment solution, and many established organizations are naturally wary of dipping their toes in the water.

But the longer you leave working without a medical virtual receptionist, the longer you will go without the many benefits they offer.

Medical Virtual Receptionist

Unveiling the Virtual Assistant Revolution

Before you rush out and employ a medical virtual receptionist, it’s vital you understand the nuts and bolts of how a virtual assistant works. This will allow you to make an informed business decision and prepare for integrating them within your workplace.

You’ll be familiar with working with assistants in your organization, these are the staff who act as the cogs of your business operations. Completing administrative tasks, assisting physicians with paperwork, and making a coffee run when a pick-me-up is needed. It’s a setup which has been popular in business ever since humans started working together. But things have moved on.

Now, there’s no need for an employee to commute to their workplace. Thanks to internet technology advancing at a rapid pace, we can now do much more with the internet than browse the web and send emails. The phenomenal amount of data which can be transferred between two points in a nanosecond is astounding. And this means crystal clear communication methods, large files can be sent instantly, and peace of mind that all of this is done securely.

Therefore, a virtual assistant can seamlessly connect themselves with your IT network through the internet. As long as they have a PC and a high-speed internet connection, there’s nothing stopping them working from home. Accordingly, they could be working down the road from your workplace, across a continent, or even in a different hemisphere. There are no barriers as to where they are located, making the world a global marketplace for the best assistants.

A Deep Dive into the Benefits of a Medical Virtual Receptionist

Working with a medical virtual receptionist will help you transform your healthcare practice into a highly efficient organization. But how can a virtual assistant do this? Well, just look at the amazing benefits on offer:

Benefits of a Medical Virtual Receptionist

Cost savings:

Virtual assistants tend to be hired on short-term contracts as opposed to becoming a fully-fledged employee. And this equals a wealth of cost savings for your practice. There’s no need for sickness pay, holiday pay, or even pension contributions. And remember, a medical virtual receptionist will provide all their own equipment, another major cost saving. In total, it’s estimated you can save up to 78% in operating costs.

Provide 24/7 coverage:

Healthcare is an industry that never sleeps, and this is why you need to be able to provide round-the-clock coverage. However, it can be tricky to find staff to cover unsocial hours. But as your medical virtual receptionist could easily be located in a different time-zone, this becomes much easier. So, not only can you provide a constant contact channel for your patients, but you can also ensure administrative tasks are continuously worked on.

Keep your reception manned:

Thanks to webcams now providing high-definition video, a medical virtual receptionist can guarantee that a friendly face is always available on reception. By installing a screen in your reception area, a medical virtual receptionist can easily interact with visitors by using software such as Zoom. This maintains a professional atmosphere and allows your reception to maintain a human touch, much needed in healthcare settings.

Delegation is possible:

A medical virtual receptionist can do much more than simply man your reception area, they also make delegation possible. In-house admin assistants already have their hands full with an ever increasing mountain of administrative tasks, and this makes completing crucial tasks difficult. But the presence of a medical virtual receptionist means some of this workload can be delegated. And your in-house team can then focus on their core priorities.

Simple scalability:

The short-term contract of a medical virtual receptionist means scalability for your practice becomes easier. This is because virtual assistants can be hired on an ‘as necessary’ basis. Accordingly, your practice can meet varying demands effortlessly, bringing in virtual assistants when necessary, such as covering staff shortages, and releasing them when this demand has faded. Your organization becomes more adaptable, and your patients continue to receive a dedicated service.

Global talent:

The problem with an in-house assistant is that they have to be based locally in order to commute to your practice. However, with a virtual assistant, there are no geographical restrictions. And this instantly opens you up to a global pool of talent. This increases the chances of finding a world-class medical virtual assistant. The wealth of talent on offer almost guarantees your every need will be met, a scenario which is less likely when limited purely to local options.

Experienced call handling:

Healthcare settings receive a lot of incoming phone calls. Therefore, given the nature of these calls, you need to make sure the phone is answered, and answered professionally. But a busy healthcare practice can struggle to answer the phone. And this has a negative impact on your patients. The solution is a medical virtual receptionist. They can act as a dedicated call handler and, thanks to their experience, will deal with all scenarios in a professional manner.

Redefining Your Practice with a Medical Virtual Receptionist

If you want to enhance your productivity, while maintaining a healthy bottom line, a medical virtual receptionist is a sure-fire winner. The benefits are clear to see and, best of all, integrating them into your operations is seamless. First of all, though, you have to find one, and this is where many businesses struggle.

The geographical spread of virtual assistants means it’s not as simple as putting a local advert out or contacting your nearest agency. Instead, you need a virtual assistant specialist in order to track down your perfect medical virtual receptionist. And Hello Rache is your one-stop shop for finding the very best virtual assistants.

You can easily start changing the future of your practice by hiring a medical virtual receptionist, so why not get in touch with us today and get started?