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Virtual Medical Billing: Does Your Practice Have a Strategy?

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The healthcare sector has always thrived upon the possibilities of technology. But the potential of technology in healthcare isn’t limited to treating patients. It can also enhance the way in which a medical practice operates. Innovation is key when it comes to succeeding in business. And technology can help your organization innovate in almost every area. One of the most intriguing areas this can be utilized is in virtual medical billing.

Medical billing is a crucial aspect when it comes to running a successful medical practice. If you can employ good medical billers then you can meet this goal. But finding good medical billers is easier said than done. And finding the very best medical billers is an even bigger task. Yet, as we’ve mentioned, technology is full of solutions and enhancements. So, it should come as no surprise that it’s behind virtual medical billing.

Virtual assistants are riding a wave of innovation and popularity which appears to be getting stronger and stronger. Virtual medical billers are part of this booming industry. And they could make a significant difference to your medical practice. But when it comes to virtual medical billing, does your practice have a strategy? If not, then don’t worry; HelloRache can help you build one.

Why Do You Need a Virtual Medical Biller?

There are many independent medical billing companies. There are even more individual medical billers. So why would you turn to a virtual medical biller? The main reason is that they guarantee to make your virtual medical billing a success. And every medical practice wants to be a success. Virtual assistants achieve this with ease as they are packed full of the following benefits:

  • Flexibility: Virtual assistants are more than happy to work around your workload and schedule. If you only need them for three days a week then there’s a virtual medical biller available. And, most excitingly, assistants are available 24/7. Therefore, your virtual medical billing can be completed through the night when your practice is closed. Not only does this give you an edge over your competitors, it also allows you to concentrate on your practice’s financial objectives.
  • Increased Productivity: A virtual medical biller works remotely. And this means that they are freed from the shackles of distraction. After all, in-house employees have a lot of distractions ranging from each other through to what’s available in the vending machine. But a remote worker is able to focus their full attention on the task in hand. Mistakes are reduced and your medical practice is able to deliver faster, more efficient results.
  • Reduced Costs: Budgeting is an essential part of any business plan and minimizing costs should be a major goal. One of the best ways to reduce costs is by working with virtual assistants. The major cost benefit here is that there’s no need for your medical practice to pay for sick pay, taxes, holiday pay or 401k contributions. And these cost savings can then be invested into other parts of the business.
  • Delegation Is Made Possible: Everyone who works in a medical practice is busy; the chance to delegate is rare and frustrating. And this has traditionally led to medical billing being relegated to a last minute task. But processes that result in revenue should never be rushed. Virtual medical billing means there’s no need for last minute panics. The presence of a dedicated medical biller allows billing to become a major priority.

The main aim of a medical biller is to ensure that your practice receives payment for services rendered. This is no mean feat, but it’s made easier by working with a virtual medical biller. And it’s all thanks to the unique benefits associated with virtual assistants. However, you still need to know how to get the best out of virtual medical billing.

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How Does a Virtual Medical Biller Work?

The prospect of virtual medical billing is exciting, but how exactly does it work? Well, it’s very similar to working with an in-house medical biller. But there’s one crucial difference: it removes the burden of accommodating a physical employee. And this has been made possible thanks to the remote working revolution.

It’s a revolution which has been built upon the foundations of the internet. All a virtual assistant needs is an internet connection and a laptop. These two assets render geographical location redundant. A virtual assistant can use the internet to connect to your practice from anywhere in the world. And, naturally, this opens your recruitment up to a much wider audience. This allows you to tailor your requirements to specifics which were previously unthinkable. Best of all, the results will deliver exactly what you need.

Once you have connected with a virtual medical biller you need to make sure they are working with the best software. Virtual medical billing is a popular industry, so the software choices are plentiful. But three of the best platforms to work with are:

  • PracticeFusion: Flexibility is at the core of Practice Fusion and it promises to help you get paid quicker than ever. Considered one of the industry leaders, Practice Fusion simplifies your medical billing in a number of ways. Automatic processes are present to reduce labour costs. These processes include eligibility checks and the creation of ICD-10 compliant superbills. And the streamlined, simple interface guarantees higher levels of accuracy.
  • Kareo: Every medical practice has a different set of requirements when it comes to medical billing. And Kareo understands this. That’s why they strive to design tailored solutions for each and every client. Available through both mobile and desktop devices, Kareo provides a number of powerful features. Claim tracking can be analyzed from start to finish. Optimizing your billing performance is possible thanks to key performance indicators. And, finally, Kareo allows you to view all your billing tasks in one simple window.
  • Advanced MD: There’s a level of innovation within Advanced MD which marks it out as a major contender in medical billing. The platform aims to get your claims approved and paid with minimum of hassle. The centralized interface grants you an opportunity to manage all your claims from a single location. Accuracy is maximized courtesy of the clearinghouse function. There’s also a simplification of the patient payment process to reduce uncollected patient payments.

It’s critical that you align your medical practice with the best medical billers and the best medical billing software. If you can combine these two elements then you will soon discover how effective virtual medical billing can be. It’s a business strategy which is simultaneously simple and powerful. And that is the very definition of good business.

How Can HelloRache Help?

The key to your virtual medical billing strategy is recruitment. And this is where HelloRache steps forward. We have worked long and hard to build relationships with the very best medical billers. The best part? They are all available virtually. Equipped with a wide range of skills, all of our virtual assistants are experienced in working with the major medical billing platforms. Therefore, your strategy of the best medical billers and the best medical billing software can easily be achieved. And, most importantly, we’re happy to link you up with these workers.

The future of medical billing is no longer restricted to the confines of your medical practice. Technology has allowed you to eliminate boundaries and select the very best employees from around the world. And now is the time to consider migrating to virtual medical billing. It’s a move which promises to transform your medical practice into a more competitive and productive business.