Easy Process with a Medical Office Virtual Receptionist

Easy Process with a Medical Office Virtual Receptionist

If you want to provide your patients with the most professional and effective service you can, you must have a medical office virtual receptionist on your team.

Representing a modern solution to the age-old problem of keeping your customers satisfied, a medical office virtual receptionist can deliver a world-class service while keeping your business lean and productive. And with the value of the global healthcare market set to hit over $665 billion by 2028, competition in the industry is going to get fierce. This underlines exactly why you’re going to need a medical office virtual receptionist.

Excellent Support from a Medical Office Virtual Receptionist

A modern practice should always have its eye on the future, and a medical office virtual receptionist is the perfect example of forward thinking. But what is a virtual receptionist? And how can they help your medical office push forward while offering your patients an enhanced healthcare experience?

To understand this, we need to head back in time to the start of the 2010s, an era where a traditional in-house medical office receptionist was the norm. These staff members would commute into the office each day and work, face-to-face, with your clinicians and patients. But this wasn’t necessary anymore. The evolution of internet technology meant remote working was now more than realistic.

All a virtual assistant needed, to connect with an employer, was a PC, a high-speed internet connection, and a set of login credentials. Thanks to the enhanced power of contemporary internet connections, huge amounts of data could effortlessly be transmitted, without barely an interruption. Virtual assistants continued to rise in popularity as the decade went on, but their most explosive moment came during the COVID-19 pandemic when remote working was a necessity.

Embrace the Many Benefits and Save Money

The concept of a medical office virtual receptionist may be exciting, but is it worth it? Anything new and modern tends to be on the expensive side. Virtual assistants, however, give you the best of both worlds. Not only are they affordable, but they bring a wide range of benefits to your medical practice. And Hello Rache want to show you how.

Naturally, the cost savings offered by a medical office virtual receptionist are highly attractive to any healthcare provider looking to push forwards. But where do these cost savings come from? Well, you don’t have to look very far and, again, it comes down to leanness. With a medical office virtual receptionist, you’re not required to pay pension contributions, sick pay, or holiday pay. This, alone, saves you significant money, but it’s also backed up by an added bonus of not having to provide any equipment. In total, you can save up to 78% in operating costs.

Enhanced productivity is clearly linked to business success, and a medical office virtual receptionist can instantly boost your productivity. All healthcare providers are currently struggling with an ever-growing administrative burden, and the main impact of this is that medical professionals are unable to fully focus on their core duties. This is why integrating a medical office virtual receptionist into your team makes sense. They can effortlessly take on administrative tasks which need delegating and free up the rest of your staff to concentrate on the duties only they can do.

Healthcare is a 24/7 industry, but it’s difficult to always get administrative support due to the anti-social hours involved. And it’s clear that long shifts and out of hours duties are detrimental to employees. Thankfully, a medical office virtual receptionist eliminates this problem. Due to the remote nature of virtual assistants, many of them are based in different time zones. This means your out-of-hour shifts are more in keeping with their local time, and these positions can easily be filled by a happier employee.

Perhaps one of the best benefits of working with a medical office virtual receptionist is that you can choose from a range of diverse skill sets. This is in sharp contrast to working with local staff, which limits your reach and the quality of staff on offer. However, with a global reach for staff, you significantly increase your chances of finding an employee who’s a perfect fit. This allows your medical office to work to its full potential and give patients an unparalleled level of service.

A Bespoke, Personalized Experience

Our medical office virtual receptionists come fully trained with a wealth of skills and experience to assist your practice. When it comes to answering calls, scheduling appointments, and dealing with patient queries, a medical office virtual receptionist can easily surpass the performance of a traditional receptionist. Best of all, Hello Rache has a pool of talent who can quickly tailor their performance towards your business. This means they can quickly integrate themselves with your business practices and fully understand the mission of your medical office.

What Can a Medical Office Virtual Receptionist Do for You?

We all know the role a traditional receptionist plays within a medical office, and it’s a vital one. But how does a medical office virtual receptionist differ? In all honesty, there’s very little difference, and this is what makes them so versatile and effective. The main duties they can take on are:

Greeting Patients:

Many patients are anxious when they attend a healthcare setting, so they must be put at ease from the moment they arrive. Now, you may think this is impossible for a remotely-based medical office virtual receptionist to do, but it’s more than possible. Using video conferencing technology, a virtual receptionist can communicate directly with a patient and provide a friendly welcome to soothe their anxiety.

Appointment Scheduling:

Studies have shown that patients associate quality clinical care with good scheduling practices. However, it’s very difficult for a physician to personally manage their schedule due to the complex demands of time and patient care. But a medical office virtual assistant can easily handle this. Therefore, they can take on scheduling tasks such as arranging appointments, sending out reminders, and quickly filling cancelled slots when they arise. This leaves your patients satisfied with the quality of your service and frees up your physicians to concentrate on their more complicated duties.

Handling Billing and Insurance Queries:

There’s a financial aspect to healthcare which tends to get brushed under the carpet when discussing the industry. But billing and insurance is an integral part of running a healthcare business. The problem is that billing and insurance is very complicated for both patients and organizations. And with many healthcare workers already at breaking point, who can you rely on to get the job done effectively? That’s right, a medical office virtual receptionist. They can optimize insurance and billing workflows, enhance patient compliance, and minimize mistakes.

Conduct Patient Surveys:

The best way to improve the quality of service offered by your medical business is by listening to your patients. These are the people who ensure that you have a business on your hands, so it’s vital you use their opinions to shape your service. And the most effective way to do this is through patient satisfaction surveys. A medical office virtual receptionist is perfect for conducting these surveys. This allows you to identify areas of improvement, allow patients to contribute, and enhance relationships you’re your patients.

Update Electronic Medical Records (EMR):

Good record keeping of patient data is the cornerstone of quality healthcare, but it’s also a practice which is full of complexities.Accordingly, this is an area where many medical practices fail, and this impact is most keenly felt by the patients. But a medical office virtual receptionist has the experience, and requisite HIPAA training, to keep your records in order. This may involve querying blank entries on the EMR with physicians, inputting new details,  and ensuring data is handled securely to protect sensitive patient data.

Telehealth Assistance: With telehealth here to stay, it’s important that your team can offer assistance with this new medium, and this is more than necessary with elderly patients. A medical office virtual receptionist, who by their very definition is an expert on telecommunications, can offer the perfect advice to patients for logging onto video appointments. This puts your patients at ease and minimizes the number of missed appointments for your practice, a win-win situation for everyone.

Hello Rache Can Help Transform Your Business

At Hello Rache, we understand how important it is to hit new highs time after time, and we want to help you do the same. The modern business world is competitive, highly competitive, but there’s always room to make your organization stand out. It’s all about the small margins and a medical office virtual receptionist can help make a big difference.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the virtual assistant industry, we represent the natural choice for medical practices looking to bring in a virtual assistant. This is because we can quickly connect you with the perfect medical office virtual receptionist. So, if you want to up your productivity, cut business costs, and give your patients the care they deserve, just click here to get in touch with us.