Remote Medical Assistant

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Medical Assistant

A remote medical assistant represents the best way to transform your medical business. By streamlining your operations and maximizing your productivity, a remote medical assistant can take your organization to the next level. And with the value of the US healthcare market set to rise year on year, there’s never been a better time to start growing your business. However, remote medical assistants are a relatively recent phenomenon, and many healthcare professionals are still learning about what they are and the benefits they offer.

What is a Remote Medical Assistant?

To understand what a remote medical assistant is, we have to rewind a few years. During the middle of the 2010s, the virtual assistant market began to flourish and, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, their popularity went through the roof. But how does a virtual assistant work?

Traditionally, a medical assistant would commute to your workplace and work a standard, established shift pattern. This meant they were on hand for face-to-face meetings and could handle physical paperwork. This, of course, was in an age where the thought of someone on the other side of the planet working for you was unthinkable. But then the world started getting high-speed internet. And this made remote work more than a possibility. So, all a virtual assistant needed was an internet connection, a PC, and a set of login credentials. They could then log directly into your IT systems.

With a remote medical assistant on board, your medical business opens itself up to a whole new world of productivity. From scheduling appointments through to medical billing and reception duties, a remote medical assistant can deliver the goods in almost every area you can think of. And remote medical assistants are available in a wide range of specialties. There are administration experts, virtual scribes, and medical billing assistants to name but a few. Therefore, you can rest assured that the remote medical assistant you need is available when you need one.

The Benefits of a Remote Medical Assistant

A remote medical assistant can take on the majority of duties an in-house medical assistant can complete. But why would you go for a remote option? After all, in-house assistants have worked perfectly well for decades, so why rock the boat? Well, it’s very simple, a remote assistant, no matter what their specialty, comes pre-loaded with a wealth of benefits you can’t find elsewhere.

If you decide to bring in a remote medical assistant, you can expect to benefit from the following:

Cost Savings:

Perhaps the most important, and attractive, benefit associated with a remote medical assistant is the cost savings on offer. Remember, a remote assistant is very different to an in-house employee. As they’re not employed directly by you, there’s no need to provide the funds for holiday pay, sickness pay, or pension contributions. And, over the course of a year, these savings can quickly mount up. In fact, it’s estimated that a business can save up to 78% in operating costs with a remote assistant.

save operating cost hiring virtual assistants

Easier Scalability:

It’s difficult, with in-house assistants, to scale your business operations up and down depending on demand. This is because in-house staff are on permanent contracts, so you can’t just adjust your staffing levels at a moment’s notice. But if you hire a remote medical assistant, it’s much simpler. Available on hourly contracts, you can bring remote medical assistants into your business when you need them, perhaps to cover staff shortages or help tackle unprecedented demands, and release them when the demand has been met.

24/7 Support:

Remote assistants can work from anywhere in the word, there are no longer any geographical restrictions. And this often means they’re working in different time zones, which can prove to be a major benefit. Out of hours shifts, which may be difficult to fill with local staff due to the unsocial hours, will pose no problem for workers in different time zones. In fact, it’s often easier for them to cover these shifts due to the time difference. The end result is a medical business which is able to provide 24/7 cover and assist patients at any time of day.

Access to Specialized Skills:

The problem with relying on a local labor supply is that you’re limited to a small pool of talent. Therefore, finding that world-class medical assistant is difficult. But if you go for a remote medical assistant, a global roster of talent suddenly becomes available. This means it’s much easier to find, for example, that highly skilled medical scribe. Ultimately, entering the market for a remote medical assistant ensures that you have the best chance of securing the best talent to help both your medical professionals and patients.

Environmentally Friendly:

Green healthcare is becoming increasingly important, and you can help reduce your organization’s carbon footprint by employing a remote medical assistant. It may sound like a surprising benefit, but just think about it for a minute. With a remote assistant in place, you’re instantly eliminating a commute, less physical space and amenities are required in your building, and home energy usage is significantly lower for the remote worker. This not only helps the planet, which in turn leads to enhanced health, but also underlines your company’s green credentials.

Reduce Burnout:

The risk of burnout in healthcare is very real, and this impacts the service you can deliver to your patients.This is why it’s important that you can minimize the stress of your medical professionals. And a remote medical assistant is the perfect way to achieve this. By taking on the bulk of a physician’s administrative load, a remote medical assistant allows that physician to focus on the work only they can do: treat patients. This reduces stress on your physicians and makes sure that patients receive the best level of care they can.

Up to Date Knowledge:

Keeping pace with all the developments in the healthcare industry is tough. In many ways, it’s a good problem to have, but it also means that many assistants are out of sync with the best methods to be productive. However, once you start working with remote medical assistants, you’ll quickly learn they have worked with numerous healthcare providers. The main benefit of this is that they will have developed a rich knowledge of different software packages, techniques, and medical knowledge. And by bringing them into you team, your healthcare practice will benefit immensely.

Data Security and HIPAA:

The importance of data security in healthcare can never be underestimated. But breaches in the healthcare system are common. Accordingly, HIPAA compliance is an absolute necessity. Complying with these complex regulations, however, is difficult. Luckily, remote medical assistants are fully versed in the best data security practices and understand the technicalities of HIPAA compliance. So, when you bring a remote medical assistant onto your team, you’re securing peace of mind for yourself and your patients that data security is a major priority.

Quick Deployment:

All remote medical assistants come pre-loaded with a wealth of knowledge about working in the healthcare industry. Accordingly, they can hit the ground running and require the bare minimum of onboarding. This means that, in the face of a surge in demand, you can bring a remote medical assistant into your team and know they will be able to get to work instantly.This minimizes the burden on your medical professionals’ shoulders and allows your business to provide a seamless service that maintains productivity.

Where Do You Find a Remote Medical Assistant?

Like most healthcare business owners, you’ve most likely relied on traditional employment methods to find your medical assistants in the past. But local adverts and agencies won’t be able to find you that perfect remote medical assistant. You need someone with a wider scope, someone who can handpick you that perfect assistant. And this is where Hello Rache can really shine.

Having been involved in the virtual assistant market for many years now, we’ve built up two important commodities: experience and contacts. This is why we’re perfectly placed to connect you with the very best remote medical assistant. Whatever your need, we can guarantee we’ll be able to find a remote medical assistant who fits your bill. And we can also promise that they’ll be rich in all of the benefits we’ve discussed today.

Transforming the fortunes of your medical business in 2024 is at your fingertips, so why not click here to get in touch with us today?