Reasons to hire a medical virtual assistant

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Medical Virtual Assistant

The healthcare industry is ripe with potential, but these revenues also mean that competition is equally fierce. Pushing your medical practice forward, therefore, requires careful and effective planning. There are many strategies you can choose from, but one of the most effective is to hire Filipino healthcare virtual assistants. These individuals are hardworking, efficient, and capable of transforming your organization into the service which patients demand.

The Impact of Not Having Enough Help

Healthcare is one of the busiest industries at play within society. People are living longer, but not necessarily healthier. This means there’s an intense burden on healthcare professionals. Time is a limited currency, and there’s only so much that can be done with current working practices. The main impacts of this are:

Longer Waiting Times:

Patients want to be seen as soon as possible, but with a mountain of administrative work in the way, many practices are struggling to address this core need. The main result of this situation is that your patients will start looking elsewhere for a swifter response.


The level of burnout among healthcare professionals is high, and this is bad for both your employees and your patients. The stresses imposed on healthcare professionals means absence rates are high, which impacts your employees’ wellbeing as well as compromising the level of care your patients can receive.

Poor Reputation:

Word of mouth is still a powerful form of marketing, so it’s important your reputation maintains a good standing. But your reputation can become tainted very quickly when you fall behind on your core duties e.g. not providing patients with the level of care they expect.

These may only be a handful of problems, but their impact is deep and long-lasting. This is why hiring Filipino healthcare virtual assistants has never been more important.

How Can Filipino Healthcare Virtual Assistants Help?

Okay, we may be keen to justify the use of Filipino healthcare virtual assistants, but that’s only because we know how effective they can be. Nonetheless, we’re just as aware that not everyone understands the world of virtual assistants. And this is why we’re going to give you a quick lesson on the principles of virtual assistants.

Popular with businesses for the last 15 years, virtual assistants have come to prominence in the last five years. The rise of virtual assistants had been steady throughout the 2010s, but it was the working-from-home restrictions of the pandemic that truly accelerated their growth. So, these highly prized employees, what exactly do they do?

Well, virtual assistants are literally just a virtual version of your standard, traditional in-house assistant. You know the ones, they commute to your workplace every day and sit at a desk just three feet away from you. However, a virtual assistant differs in that they’re significantly further away than three feet. And it’s all thanks to advances in internet technology. High speed connections now allow huge amounts of data to be transmitted in a millisecond. This means fast responses and crystal-clear communication.

As long as a virtual assistant has a PC, an internet connection, and a set of login credentials, there’s no barrier to them completing everyday tasks for your medical practice. Filipino healthcare virtual assistants, therefore, can easily start work for your organization. The need for local labor is a thing of the past. And this underlines the beauty of Filipino healthcare virtual assistants.

What are the Benefits of Filipino Healthcare Virtual Assistants?

For something to revolutionize your medical practice, it has to be something special. It has to take the current normal, seen here with in-house employees, and make it better, more streamlined, and more effective. And this is exactly what Filipino healthcare virtual assistants do, mostly due to the wide range of benefits they offer:

Cost Savings:

Boasting cost savings of up to 78% in operating costs, virtual assistants represent a real head turner for any medical practice looking to improve its bottom line. These savings are made possible as a virtual assistant will never be employed directly by your company, instead they will work on a contract basis through a VA company. This means there’s no need to provide holiday pay, sickness pay, or pension contributions.

24 Hour Coverage:

It’s difficult to provide 24-hour coverage seven days a week. Employees, after all, have limits and need to rest. Combined with the anti-social connotations of night shifts, providing round-the-clock coverage for your patients can be difficult. Especially when health problems never sleep. But with Filipino healthcare virtual assistants located in a different time-zone, providing 24/7 coverage has never been easier or more affordable.

Increased Productivity:

Virtual assistants are there to tackle the routine tasks which can seriously eat into the valuable time of your healthcare professionals. This allows your clinicians, instead, to focus on their core duties e.g. treating patients. And when you bring virtual assistants into your practice, this will free up your healthcare professionals and ensure your productivity skyrockets.

Best-in-Class Choice:

Now that the geographical restrictions of local labor have been removed, you have a much wider choice of healthcare assistants to choose from. Rather than relying on a small pool of local talent, you can have an entire country’s worth of talent to take your pick from. This is why Filipino virtual healthcare assistants provide such an attractive proposition.

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Filipino Virtual Healthcare Assistant

We’ve discussed the many ways a virtual assistant can make a difference in business, but how exactly can a Filipino virtual healthcare assistant help your practice? What are the specific ways in which they can transform your service? How can they take your medical practice to the next level? And, more importantly, what can they do for you on a day-to-day basis? Luckily, there are many reasons why you should hire a Filipino virtual health care assistant, and here are 10 of them:

Patient Communication:

When it comes to healthcare, communication is crucial. Patients need to know what’s happening with their care, and your practice needs confirmation that your patients are on board with this. However, finding the time to send out appointment reminders, handle patient enquiries, and providing even the most basic information is time-consuming for your team. But this problem is instantly eliminated when you have a Filipino virtual healthcare assistant to take care of this communication for you.

Appointment Scheduling:

One of the most crucial elements of healthcare comes in the form of appointments, and these need to be scheduled correctly to ensure the best outcome for patients. Thanks to their wealth of experience in healthcare settings, Filipino virtual healthcare assistants can take control of your appointment schedules with ease. This guarantees your medical practice that patients will know when their appointments are, cancelled slots are quickly filled, and the number of missed appointments is reduced.

Data Entry and Record Keeping:

Maintaining a patient’s electronic health record (EHR) can significantly improve the levels of patient care you offer. But ensuring this is done accurately requires high levels of focus. And many of your healthcare staff will already find themselves being pulled in all directions. This is where the presence of Filipino virtual healthcare assistants can prove so valuable. With an attention to detail and a dedication towards the wellbeing of your patients, they can provide highly efficient record keeping in the EHR.

Billing and Invoicing:

Medical billing and invoicing is a complex procedure, and it can often cause patients a lot of anxiety. Your clinicians, of course, are too busy seeing patients for consultations, and don’t have the time to dedicate towards medical billing and invoicing. Thankfully, Filipino virtual healthcare assistants can make this task their own and focus their attentions on it. This improves the financial health of your practice and assists patients with getting the care they’re entitled to.

Appointment Follow-ups:

If you want to maximize patient satisfaction and engagement, appointment follow-ups are paramount. Filipino virtual healthcare assistants can excel in this role by promptly contacting patients after appointments, collecting valuable feedback, and addressing any concerns they have. This delivers a personalized approach to patient care and enhances their overall experience, fosters trust, and ensures continuous improvement in the services your medical practice offers.

Medical Transcription:

A medical professional can transcribe their own consultations, but this is very time consuming. And this is time they could be spending seeing other patients. So, you need a solution, and that solution comes in the form of Filipino virtual healthcare assistants. Fully trained in best medical transcription services, these virtual medical transcriptionists can assist you with accurate record taking and give you more time with your patients.

Patient Survey Administration:

The best way to make your practice greater is by listening to your patients. These are the people who can tell you want you’re doingwell and where you need to make improvements. Contacting patients and going through satisfaction surveys, however, is far from a quick process. You need to dig deep to discover those insights, and healthcare professionals don’t always have time for this. But Filipino virtual healthcare assistants can take this responsibility and, ultimately, transform the service you provide.

Telemedicine Support:

The growth of telemedicine shows no signs of slowing down, but it’s still suffering from numerous teething issues. Patients still need assistance with accessing telemedicine platforms, and medical practices need to put this in place to ensure appointments aren’t cancelled. Filipino virtual healthcare assistants are highly skilled when it comes to internet technologies, so this makes them the perfect candidates for calmly guiding your patients through the logon process.

Coordination with Specialists:

A patient’s healthcare journey can take in many different services and specialists. This can quickly become complex and lead to a breakdown in communication between all the parties involved. The main impact of this is seen in the level of care your patient receives. Filipino virtual healthcare assistants can make this a much smoother process by liaising with specialists, co-ordinating referrals, and guaranteeing that the correct information is communicated.

Health Education Outreach:

Filipino virtual healthcare assistants can quickly take on the role of health ambassadors for your practice. They can share important health information and tips directly with patients, a move which facilitates preventative care. It’s a strategy which allows your patients to feel empowered to take care of their wellbeing and encourages strong relationships between your practice and its community.

How Do You Take That Next Step?

Filipino healthcare virtual assistants come fully trained in all the best practices a healthcare virtual assistant could ever need. Accordingly, bringing them into your medical practice should be a priority for any forward-thinking organization. There’s just one problem, where do you find them? After all, there are few medical practices with substantial contacts in the Philippines, so you’re going to need a little help. And this is what HelloRache can provide.

With a wealth of experience in the virtual assistant industry, we’ve built an exclusive set of contacts based in the Philippines who can help your medical practice. Our Filipino virtual healthcare assistants are affordable, efficient, and, most importantly, reliable. Thanks to their extensive training, they can seamlessly fit into any healthcare setting and hit the ground running. This means training needs are significantly reduced, and you get the most out of your investment.

If you want to find out more and get started on your virtual assistant journey today, just click here.