10 reasons why you need a virtual administrative assistant

10 reasons why you need a virtual administrative assistant

Virtual administrative assistants work remotely. They can take care of just about any office task at a fraction of the cost of a new in-house staff member.

Burnout is a genuine concern for healthcare teams. 52% of healthcare workers feel stressed, which is one contributing factor to burnout. A virtual administrative assistant can reduce the workload and give your existing team some breathing space.

If you need extra support, consider a virtual administrative assistant. Want to know more? We've got you covered.

We'll tell you what a virtual administrative assistant is and the top skills to look for when hiring. Plus, we'll give you 10 reasons why you should consider one of our team members for your clinic.

What is a virtual administrative assistant?

A virtual administrative assistant is a remote office worker. They can help with a range of administrative tasks and are an alternative to an executive assistant or administrative assistant.

A good virtual assistant will require minimal supervision and produce high-quality work.

These types of office assistants are beneficial for healthcare providers. They know how to use technology and can help with routine tasks. For example, they can take care of calendar management, update patient files, and make travel arrangements.

When you choose Hello Rache for your Healthcare Virtual Assistant (HVA) needs, you'll get access to experienced team members. Our virtual assistants are cost-effective, and there's a flat rate, so you'll never have to pay for overtime.

Our team has HIPAA training and healthcare experience. For example, many of our remote assistants have worked as nurses or physician assistants.

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10 reasons why you need a virtual administrative assistant for your clinic

Want help with your administrative duties? There's a long list of ways a virtual administrative assistant can support your healthcare clinic.

Here are 10 of the top reasons why you should consider using these services.

Top virtual administrative assistant benefits


1. You can save money

Every clinic has a budget. If hiring a new employee doesn't make financial sense, a virtual alternative could be the solution.

You can get assistance with your daily tasks for an affordable price tag.

Here's an example. The average salary for an in-person administrative assistant is $19.08 per hour. If you use Hello Rache, it costs just $9.50 per hour.

That's already a significant saving, but it doesn't end there.

Consider the other costs attached to hiring someone new. It costs time and money to find the right person. You'll also need to set up a desk and provide all the tools they need for the job.

Our virtual administrative assistants have everything set up and are ready for work. You won't have to worry about benefits, sick pay, or overtime. Use them as little or as much as you need.

2. You can fill the gaps

If you've noticed areas that are suffering, our team can help. For example, your healthcare professionals could be behind on paperwork. Patients may be spending too much time on hold, or there could be a backlog of emails.

You don’t need a full-time employee because a virtual administrative assistant can be there — whenever you need them.

Once you've identified the gaps, that's where we come in. Virtual administrative assistants can do a wide range of tasks, from answering phones to scheduling meetings.

When you outsource repetitive tasks, your existing employees can focus on what they're good at. They can even have time off, and your clinic won't get behind.

3. You can extend your working hours

You're probably paying your employees a salary with set hours each week. Do you feel like your service could be improved with extended hours, but you don't want to pay overtime?

Virtual administrative assistants can work flexible hours. They can perform a range of job duties when the rest of your team is away from the office.

Virtual administrative assistant availability after hours

For example, they can answer phone calls, book appointments, and respond to emails. Virtual administrative assistants can do basic bookkeeping, transcription, and more.

When there's someone available to help your patients outside of office hours, it will improve your service. Your existing team can leave on time and enjoy their weekend without the stress of work.

4. You can get help with data entry

Inputting data is a repetitive and time-consuming task. Fortunately, our team of virtual assistants has all the training required for accurate data entry.

The type of data entry you need can vary. Some healthcare clinics want support with digital patient files. Virtual administrative assistants can use their medical knowledge to keep electronic medical records (EMRs) up to date.

If you're still using paper records, a virtual administrative assistant can help you move these online.

Besides updating patient files, there can be other types of data management. For example, you may need help with timesheets and expense reporting.

Alternatively, you may need someone to manage your email mailing list and add new emails as people opt-in.

5. You can take advantage of transcription services

Transcription is another task that can take up valuable time. Health professionals often stay back after seeing patients just to keep up.

A virtual administrative assistant can take your voice recordings and transcribe them into written documents. Whether it's a letter that needs typing or a patient report, it'll always be to a high standard. Virtual admins have excellent computer skills and fast typing speeds.

If you use Hello Rache, you may prefer a virtual scribe. These team members work in real-time and can be with you virtually during your appointment. The most common way to do this is via video chat.

Reduce the backlog of paperwork and tick transcription off your list.

6. You can improve your patient care

Your virtual assistant can help you improve your patient care. How? When you outsource your admin tasks, you'll have extra time to focus on your patients.

Your patients won't have to wait because a virtual administrative support person can answer phone calls and confirm appointments. They can even be present during your consultation via video chat, scribing in real time.

How to improve patient care

They have medical knowledge and excellent communication skills, so they can answer any queries. Virtual administrative assistants can update patient files, so information is always accurate. This ensures patients get the same care, no matter which healthcare professional they visit.

They can support you in collaborating with other specialists by preparing referrals and following up after appointments.

With a virtual administrative assistant, you can take your time. You can take advantage of technology and reduce errors.

Your patients will be happier, and you won't feel as overworked.

7. You can give your team a better work-life balance

You now know about some of the administrative tasks these virtual assistants can do. This extra office support can have a positive impact on your existing team.

As a business owner or manager, you're probably conscious of employee satisfaction. 72% of job seekers think work-life balance is a priority, so workplace flexibility can give you more hiring options.

For example, you can offer shorter days or part-time hours. When your employees leave for the day, your virtual team can fill the gaps.

When you reduce the workload, your employees can take time off for other commitments. They won't feel rushed between patients, and there'll be no need to catch up on the weekend.

8. You can access experienced workers

It's not always easy to find experienced workers. This is particularly true if you live in a regional or rural area.

When you go for a remote option, you'll have more choices. You can tap into skills such as medical knowledge, computer skills, and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance that may not otherwise be available.

The good news is that you can still get consistent results. Hello Rache lets you use the same person every time, so they can get to know your unique processes.

If your in-office team is missing certain skills or experience, using a virtual administrative assistant can fill these gaps.

9. You can improve your security

Patient files can be sensitive, and good security is essential in any healthcare setting.

Using a virtual administrative assistant doesn't mean your security has to suffer. In fact, it may even be improved.

Our Healthcare Virtual Assistants have HIPAA training and understand how to deal with personal information. HIPAA training focuses on security, confidentiality, and compliance.

Hipaa training means security


Because these workers are used to working from home, they know how to follow all the rules and regulations. They're tech-savvy, so they make sure they have a secure internet connection and change their password regularly.

Virtual administrative assistants understand the importance of security and will support your clinic in maintaining its high standards.

10. You can verify details in real-time

Your virtual administrative assistant can work when you do. One common task is phone management, which covers answering phones, following up on appointments, and transferring calls.

They can also focus on social media and email management, answering messages as quickly as possible.

Plus, there are virtual scribing services available via video chat.

If patient information needs to be verified, this can be done as you need it. For example, they can verify personal details and insurance coverage. If you need to speak to a specialist about a referral, a virtual administrative assistant can arrange this for you.

You won’t have to leave messages and wait for a response because these team members can be there to get the right information.

What are the top virtual administrative assistant skills?

Our virtual administrative assistants have a range of skills. These skills can benefit your healthcare clinic and improve your patient experience.

First, there's communication, which includes both verbal and written communication. Good listening skills and confidence are essential when talking to patients and health professionals over the phone.

English skills, grammar, and professionalism are important when responding to emails. Some virtual administrative assistants are bilingual, which can be useful in some practices.

Time management is another top skill. When working remotely, it's important to complete each task on time. Virtual administrative assistants can work independently to get the job done.

Next is organization. Our team members are ready to work before the shift starts. They'll have their computer turned on and ensure the workspace is free from any distractions. You won't have to wait for them to start your day.


Top virtual administrative assistant skills

Good organization is essential for some daily tasks, such as scheduling appointments, email management, and bookkeeping.

Your virtual administrative assistant will be tech-savvy. They'll be confident using a range of software solutions, including EMRs, email, Microsoft Office, and Google Drive. If you use dedicated software, they'll be able to learn to use it quickly and efficiently.

Plus, our team comes with medical knowledge. They understand medical jargon and abbreviations and can transcribe complicated documents with ease. Because they usually have experience in the industry, virtual administrative assistants can flag any errors.

An experienced virtual administrative assistant will be a team player. They'll know how to work side by side with your existing staff and make their days run more smoothly.

Finally, your virtual admin should have decision-making skills. You need someone you don’t need to micromanage who can take on tasks of any size.

Virtual administrative assistants for your healthcare clinic

If your healthcare team is feeling overwhelmed by paperwork, a virtual administrative assistant can help.

These experienced virtual office assistants are confident working remotely and have the right skills to support your existing team.

Using one of our assistants comes with a range of benefits. Our services are affordable, saving you time and money. A virtual administrative assistant can fill in any gaps, and they can work after hours and on weekends.

You can get help with data entry and transcription and improve your patient care. When you reduce the workload, your existing team will have a better work-life balance.

Plus, you can get access to experienced team members, no matter where you are in the world. With improved security and details verified in real-time, it makes sense to go virtual!

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