The most popular types of medical assistants

10 types of medical assistants

Medical assistants are in high demand. In fact, the number of jobs for these workers is set to rise by 16% in the next 10 years.

Why are they so popular? A medical assistant can take the pressure off your existing healthcare team. From administrative tasks to clinical support, a medical assistant can do the things you don’t have time for.

There are different types of medical assistants, and their daily duties vary. In this guide, we’ll tell you about some of the most popular types of medical assistant.

Before we go, we’ll chat about Healthcare Virtual Assistants (HVAs) and how they can be a cost-effective alternative to in-person team members.

What is a medical assistant?

Medical assistants can be found in hospitals, private practices, outpatient clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

Some work in specific fields, such as obstetrics or podiatry, while others offer general administrative or clinical support. One thing they all have in common is that they assist healthcare professionals.

If someone wants to work in this role, they’ll usually complete a medical assistant program with on-the-job training. Some specialized healthcare fields may require an associate’s degree and certification.

The average salary for a medical assistant in the US is $17.88 per hour or $37,190 per year.

Want a more affordable option? Our HVAs come with a flat rate of just $9.50. There are no long-term commitments, and our dedicated team members can do most of the same tasks as an in-person assistant.

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What types of medical assistants are there?

Need support but not sure what type of medical assistant is right for your healthcare setting?

Here are 10 types of medical assistants to consider:

Medical assistant support

Don’t forget that an experienced HVA can replace an in-person employee and provide the same high-quality service.

1. Administrative medical assistant

If you need help with clerical duties, an administrative medical assistant could be right for your clinic.

These team members make sure medical offices are organized and running smoothly. Some of their daily tasks include answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and transcribing documents.

Administrative medical assistants can take care of billing procedures, such as processing payments and speaking to insurance companies.

The ideal candidate should have excellent interpersonal skills, attention to detail, computer skills, and time management.

The average salary for a certified administrative medical assistant in the US is $15.78 per hour.

Looking for someone to fill an administrative role? An HVA can manage your phone calls and emails, transcribe documents, and enter data.

2. Clinical medical assistant

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with both medical and administrative tasks, you can turn to a clinical medical assistant.

They can support your medical team in different ways. For example, they update your patients’ medical records, schedule appointments, and scribe during consultations.

These team members can also provide basic patient care. They can check vital signs, including blood pressure and heart rate.

Clinical assistants can help prepare patients for procedures. They can take weight and height measurements and bring them the correct hospital attire.

With the right training, clinical medical assistants can take blood samples and give injections.

The right person should be detail-oriented, an excellent communicator, and self-motivated.

The average salary for a certified clinical medical assistant in the US is $15.69 per hour.

While an HVA can’t do in-person clinical tasks, they can take care of your scheduling and transcription needs.

3. Podiatric medical assistant

Some medical clinics need support with specialized tasks. If you run a podiatry practice, you may be looking for a podiatric medical assistant.

You can expect support with your admin duties, such as booking appointments, typing documents, and processing payments.

What does a podiatric medical assistant do

Plus, your podiatric medical assistant can scribe during appointments and assist during surgeries. They can take x-rays of feet, create casts, and educate patients.

Your podiatric medical assistant should have good communication skills, manual dexterity, and medical knowledge.

In the US, the average hourly salary for a podiatric medical assistant is $13.14 per hour.

Did you know an HVA can support your podiatry practice? From calendar management to virtual scribe services, Hello Rache can give you an alternative to an in-person assistant.

4. Pediatric medical assistant

Family medicine is another specialized field, and treating young patients requires patience and compassion.

Pediatric medical assistants support pediatricians and make sure children and their parents have a positive experience.

They make sure the healthcare facility is a welcoming environment and greet visitors with a smile. They schedule appointments, update medical files, and check vital signs.

Pediatric medical assistants do general office cleaning and make sure any disposables are restocked. For example, there may be bandages, masks, and rewards for young patients.

When choosing one of these workers, look for someone with an associate’s degree and experience working with children.

The average salary for a pediatric medical assistant in the US is $16.27 per hour.

If you don’t need a full-time employee, an HVA could be the answer. We can help you with any administrative tasks without a long-term commitment.

5. Behavioral and mental health medical assistant

Those working in mental health services can get support from a behavioral and mental health medical assistant.

These individuals work closely with patients and monitor them for behavioral changes. They check vital signs, perform intake screenings, and collect blood and urine samples for testing.

Behavioral health assistants are also responsible for clerical tasks, such as writing reports, managing schedules, and updating patient records. If a patient needs a translator, these team members will organize this for them.

Excellent observational skills, empathy, and communication skills are all essential qualities to look for.

The median salary for behavioral health medical assistants in the US is $13.50 per hour.

Want support from team members who are compassionate and professional? Our HVAs can do almost any clerical task, taking pressure off your behavioral health professionals.

6. Chiropractic medical assistant

Run a busy chiropractic office? You may need a chiropractic medical assistant. Some of their top job duties include greeting patients, scheduling appointments, and ordering supplies.

Chiropractic medical assistants get treatment rooms ready and make sure the practice is neat and hygienic.

What does a chiropractic medical assistant do

Chiropractic medical assistants can also provide basic patient care. For example, they can support you with chiropractic medicine. They can update patient files, collect samples for testing, and perform x-rays.

They answer patient questions and discuss any at-home aftercare requirements. Look for someone with communication skills, an interest in the chiropractic industry, and computer skills.

The average salary for a certified chiropractic medical assistant in the US is $14.70 per hour.

An HVA can be a good addition to your chiropractic team. You can get administrative help virtually whenever you need it at a flat rate.

7. Obstetric medical assistant

When gynecologists and obstetricians need support with office and clinical tasks, they can call in an obstetric medical assistant.

Depending on their specialty, these assistants can support women during pregnancy and beyond. They schedule appointments, educate patients, and update records.

Obstetric medical assistants can monitor blood pressure and check patients’ heart rates and weights. They can be there during examinations and ultrasounds and make sure patients feel comfortable.

In some settings, obstetric medical assistants draw blood and request urine samples. These samples are labeled and sent to a laboratory for testing. Obstetric medical assistants may also give immunizations.

Your obstetric medical assistant should have excellent communication skills and remain cool and calm under pressure. They should have computer skills, patience, and pay close attention to detail.

The average salary for an obstetric medical assistant in the US is $16.57 per hour.

Work in obstetrics? We can be there for your clerical needs. For example, our HVAs can transcribe reports, update medical records, and manage your calendar.

8. Cardiology medical assistant

Cardiology medical assistants support cardiologists and their healthcare teams.

They greet cardiac patients and help them get ready for surgical procedures. These medical assistants go over patient histories and update files. They answer questions and make sure each patient is comfortable.

They perform a range of diagnostic tests and monitor heart rates and blood pressure.

Cardiology medical assistants usually have formal training, so they can use electrocardiogram machines and give patients advice.

If you’re looking for someone to fill this role, they should have manual dexterity, show attention to detail, and have a patient-focused attitude.

Excellent written and oral communication skills are also essential.

The average salary for a cardiology medical assistant in the US is $16.39 per hour.

9. Dermatology medical assistant

Dermatology medical assistants work in skin clinics, medical centers, and hospitals. They work closely with dermatologists and have a range of duties.

These workers perform administrative tasks, greet patients, schedule appointments, answer phones, and update patient files on a daily basis.

What does a dermatology medical assistant do

They educate patients on skin conditions, risks, and treatments.

Dermatology medical assistants also have clinical duties. For example, they get patients ready for medical examinations and assist them during procedures.

Look for a candidate with hands-on experience and excellent communication skills. Specialized training may also be required, depending on the services you offer.

The average salary for a dermatology medical assistant is $14.53 per hour.

Is your dermatology practice drowning in paperwork? Hello Rache HVAs can support your existing team.

10. Medical assistant in geriatrics

Medical assistants in the geriatric field work in nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and other facilities that care for elderly patients.

What administrative responsibilities do they have? The list includes updating medical records, writing reports, and answering phone calls.

These medical assistants collaborate with healthcare professionals such as physicians, dieticians, physiotherapists, and health aides. They also communicate with patients and their families.

Medical assistants in geriatrics administer medication, monitor patients, and check vital signs.

The right person will be compassionate, patient, and have excellent communication skills. Computer skills and manual dexterity are also required.

The average hourly salary for a medical assistant in geriatrics is $14.00 per hour.

Remember, if you’re looking for someone to take care of your paperwork and general office duties, an HVA can work when it suits you.

A Healthcare Virtual Assistant is a smart option

Now you know some of the different types of in-house medical assistants. But there is another option.

If your medical practice mainly needs support with clerical duties, a Healthcare Virtual Assistant is a good alternative to an in-person employee.

Our HVAs come with healthcare industry experience. They understand complex medical terminology and can assist any healthcare provider. Whether you’re a licensed physician or a podiatrist, we can be there for you and your medical staff.

What does an HVA do? Our team members can do many of the same tasks as the medical assistants on this list. For example, they can answer phones and schedule appointments.

How much does a Healthcare Virtual Assistant cost

They can transcribe documents, update medical records, and enter data. Our team members have all completed a HIPAA training program and know how to deal with sensitive patient data.

Our HVAs work remotely and have excellent computer skills. They have organizational skills, communication skills, and attention to detail.

When you choose an HVA from Hello Rache, you can get a better work-life balance. We can take care of repetitive tasks so that you can focus on your patients.

Plus, there are financial benefits. An HVA costs a flat rate of just $9.50 per hour — less than all of the other medical assistants discussed in this article — and you won’t ever have to pay them overtime, benefits, or bonuses.

The most common types of medical assistants

There are many different types of medical assistants. The solution you choose will depend on your needs and specialty.

For example, an administrative medical assistant can help with general office tasks. On the other hand, a clinical medical assistant will focus more on clinical duties.

Then there are specialized team members. There’s a solution for every healthcare field, including podiatry, pediatrics, behavioral health, chiropractic care, obstetrics, cardiology, and dermatology.

The good news is that there’s a solution that can support any healthcare service. If you need administrative support, an HVA can do many of the same clerical duties as an in-person employee. From answering phones to scribing during appointments, we can give you more time to focus on your patients.

Want to know more? Contact Hello Rache today.