Medical assistant technician salary guide

Medical assistant technician salary guide

As your healthcare facility grows, you may need additional support.

Medical assistant technicians are team members who can assist with administrative tasks and clinical duties. They're an option worth considering, but you do need to weigh the costs of hiring one.

Hiring a new employee is an ongoing investment, and you'll need to give them a salary, overtime pay, benefits, and paid time off.

Before you start the recruiting process, read this article. We'll give you a rundown of the role and the types of skills you should look for. We'll also chat about the average wage and how it compares to that of a Healthcare Virtual Assistant (HVA).

You can use this information to make the right decision for your medical clinic.

What is a medical assistant technician?

Medical assistant technicians support doctors and nurses. Depending on the healthcare facility, they can have both clinical and administrative duties.

These medical assistants work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinins, and private practices.

They provide basic care to patients, schedule appointments, and update medical records. Medical assistants can also assist with diagnostic tests, collect blood samples from patients, and sterilize medical equipment.

If you're considering hiring a medical assistant tech, think about the type of support you need. If it's mainly clerical assistance, there's another option. A Healthcare Virtual Assistant is a convenient and cost-effective alternative.

We can take care of all your clerical tasks without a long-term commitment. For example, our experienced team members can transcribe documents, schedule appointments, and answer phone calls. Our HVAs are HIPAA-trained and confident in working independently.

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How much does a medical assistant technician make?

You may need support, but does a medical assistant technician fit in your budget? The hourly wage will depend on their job requirements, experience, and education.

However, the average salary for a medical assistant technician in the US is $11.25 per hour.

Average medical assistant salary in the US

The annual salary can vary depending on the hours worked. For example, a medical assistant tech working 30 hours a week will have an average annual salary of $16,875.

If they work 40 hours per week, this jumps to $22,500 per year.

There are also other costs to consider. Full-time employees will be entitled to benefits, such as insurance and paid time off (PTO). Plus, you'll need to pay them overtime for any extra hours they work.

Compare this to hiring an HVA. We offer a flat rate of just $9.50, and you can cancel at any time. There are no benefits, overtime, or onboarding costs. You can get affordable help whenever you need it — even after hours.

What qualifications does a medical assistant technician need?

Medical assistant technicians need a high school diploma or equivalent.

Most people who work in this role have an associate degree in Medical Assisting. Internships may also be available.

Additionally, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid certifications are requirements for most healthcare careers.

In addition to formal education, there's work experience and on-the-job training. Some clinical tasks and unique administrative processes may require supervision and ongoing training.

There can also be additional requirements for specialty fields. For example, a medical assistant tech may need training to assist with surgical procedures or to use respiratory therapy equipment.

Remember, onboarding and training new in-person team members can be costly. You can save money by using an HVA.

What skills should you look for in a medical assistant technician?

Need help? The ideal person will need a range of administrative skills for their daily job duties. They'll also need clinical skills to complete any medical tasks.

Here are the top five skills to look for:

1. Communication

Medical assistant techs need excellent communication skills. They work closely with others and deal directly with patients and healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals communicating

The person you choose should have verbal communication skills for greeting patients and answering phone calls. Plus, they should have written communication skills for composing emails and typing letters.

They should be professional, friendly, and confident. There can be language barriers to overcome, so listening skills are also a must-have.

If a patient is feeling nervous or upset, a medical assistant tech should do their best to calm them down.

2. Medical knowledge

Medical assistants need an array of medical knowledge. They should know how to handle sensitive patient information and be HIPPA compliant.

Knowledge of medical terminology and abbreviations can be complex. Therefore, a medical assistant tech should be well-versed in both. With this knowledge, your medical assistant technician will be able to provide patient assistance and answer questions. This medical knowledge is also helpful when transcribing documents, typing referral letters, and updating patient files.

A college degree will also be beneficial, as the coursework involved will give the medical assistant the right foundation.

Looking for someone with medical knowledge? Our HVAs have industry experience and all necessary training.

3. Attention to detail

Accuracy is essential in the healthcare industry. Mistakes can impact the health of your patients, and your reputation will likely suffer as a result.

For example, if a patient's blood pressure isn't recorded correctly, this can lead to the wrong treatment being given to them. If an electronic health record isn't maintained, changes to a patient's condition may be overlooked.

Look for a medical assistant technician who pays close attention to detail. They should take pride in their work and genuinely care about your patients.

From proofreading their transcriptions to double-checking medications, a detail-oriented medical assistant is a worthwhile investment.

4. Computer skills

Computer skills should also be on your checklist. You'll need someone who's tech-savvy with problem-solving and analytical skills.

Your medical assistant technician will use a computer on a daily basis. For example, they'll update digital patient charts, perform data entry, and use a calendar management program.

They'll need to be able to type quickly and accurately, with a typing speed of at least 50 words per minute.

Experience using software is also important. First, there's common software, such as Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. Then there's accounting software, such as Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB.

Top medical assistant technician skills

If they're a fast learner, a medical assistant tech will feel confident using any dedicated health software.

5. Organization

Medical offices, outpatient clinics, and hospitals are busy work environments. For medical assistant technicians, the day can have unexpected tasks. For example, the technician may have to complete all their daily tasks while also managing the phone line.

Strong time management and organizational skills are also required for medical assistant technicians to stay on top of their workloads.

Medical assistant technicians should be ready to start work and get back from their breaks on time. Their work area should be clean and organized, and all paperwork should be kept up to date.

An organized medical assistant tech will keep track of their own to-do list while helping others.

What can a Healthcare Virtual Assistant do for your practice?

Many of the tasks that a medical assistant technician does are administrative. If you're looking for help with office duties, an HVA is a smart choice.

Our team members have all the essential skills listed above. But what can they do for your medical clinic? Here are five of our most popular services:

1. Scheduling appointments

An HVA can help you with all your scheduling needs. They can book patient appointments by phone or online and keep your office running smoothly with reduced overhead expenses.

If a patient wants to cancel or reschedule their appointment, the HVA will make sure it's recorded.

A quick message to patients can reduce a medical office's no-show rate. The day before each patient's appointment, an HVA can send a reminder by SMS or phone call.

2. Transcribing documents

Another task our HVAs excel at is transcription. Our experienced team members can work with your recordings and turn them into accurate, typed documents.

Or, if you prefer, we can connect with your healthcare professionals via video conferencing software. As virtual scribes, our HVAs can be there during your appointments. They can take notes and update files in real time so that you can focus on patient care.

3. Updating medical records

An HVA can save you time by updating your patients' medical records. Our team can do this virtually by logging in to your electronic medical record software.

The HVAs from Hello Rache have HIPAA training and medical knowledge. This means they'll update your files with accuracy, confidentiality, and efficiency.

What does a Healthcare Virtual Assistant do

4. Entering data

Need support with data entry? An HVA can do that for you. Whether it's bookkeeping, inventory management, or updating files, data entry is one of our specialties.

Our team members have experience using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, but they can also use your preferred program.

5. Answering phone calls

Take the pressure off your existing team by outsourcing your phone call management. HVAs have excellent customer service skills and can answer phones, take messages, and forward calls.

They can also use their medical knowledge to answer questions. Plus, they can call other healthcare professionals, pharmacies, and patients as required.

The average medical assistant technician salary

Thinking of hiring a medical assistant technician? These workers can offer support in a busy medical office setting. Their job duties include updating patient records, answering phone calls, and performing basic diagnostic tests.

The top skills these workers should have include communication, medical knowledge, attention to detail, computer skills, and organizational skills.

The national average salary for a medical assistant tech in the US is $11.25 per hour. However, there are additional fees involved in hiring one, such as overtime, benefits, and onboarding costs.

If you're looking for administrative support, an HVA is a more affordable option. Our service comes with a flat rate of just $9.50 per hour.

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