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English Proficiency of Filipino Virtual Assistants

Many people believe that only a native English speaker can truly get to grips with the English language. But Hello Rache is here to prove them wrong! And we should know as we can vouch for the English proficiency of Filipino virtual assistants. Therefore, given that virtual assistants can save you up to 78% in yearly operating costs, they represent a sound investment. But what exactly can a Filipino deliver in day-to-day terms?

The Ins and Outs of a Virtual Assistant

We’re just going to rewind for a second as you may not be fully up to date on virtual assistants. They have, and this no exaggeration, revolutionized the employer/employee relationship. And, as with many aspects of modern life, it’s all thanks to the internet.

Not long ago, all employees had to commute to their workplace. This restricted the pool of talent available to employers and limited the job opportunities available for employees. However, remote working is now a possibility. In fact, in the US, around 35% of workers who can work remotely now do. It’s a shift in working practices that has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, but one which was already built on the development of high-speed internet connections.

You’re not just limited to working with virtual assistants in the US either. Thanks to high-speed internet connections, you can strike up working relationships with anyone on the planet. As long as they have internet access and a PC, they can be connected to your IT systems in seconds. It’s as if they’re sat in the office with you, but with a whole new range of benefits.

The Reasons Why You Need a Filipino Virtual Assistant

As we told you at the start of this article, the English proficiency of Filipino virtual assistants is high. But you don’t have to take just our word for that, there’s hard evidence of this claim. So, it’s true, Filipino virtual assistants have no trouble dealing with the intricacies of the English language. And, due to the importance of communication in business, this can provide business owners with peace of mind that Filipino virtual assistants are a safe investment.

As a result of their mastery of English communication, Filipino virtual assistants can assist you in the following areas:

Handling phone calls:

The telephone remains a mainstay of business communication and allows you to provide a personal touch. But the sheer number of calls taken by businesses can be overwhelming. A virtual assistant can help to alleviate this burden for you by answering calls, screening them to determine the nature of the call, and taking messages if necessary. Best of all, due to the English proficiency of Filipino virtual assistants, you can rest assured that this verbal communication will be delivered accurately and professionally.

Dealing with emails:

For businesses, email remains the number one method of communication. This should come as no surprise as around 4.3 billion people use email. Accordingly, your inboxes are likely to be heaving under the weight of unread emails. This is where a Filipino virtual assistant with a strong command of English can step in. Having a virtual assistant respond to emails can ensure that all communications are prompt and professional. This can enhance your business’s reputation and increase customer satisfaction.

Transcribing recordings:

Using audio or video tools to record conversations is a fantastic way to preserve details that are accurate. Nonetheless, transcribing these recordings is a time-consuming affair. And this can present a real problem for the productivity of your business. But the proficiency that Filipino virtual assistants have with English means they can take this task off your hands. Trained to listen accurately and understand the many twists and turns of the English language, a virtual assistant will ensure that all information is accurately captured and easily accessible.

Schedule appointments:

Accuracy is essential when it comes to scheduling appointments, and strong expertise in English is crucial for achieving this accuracy. However, it can be challenging for businesses to find the time to focus on this. But the English proficiency of Filipino virtual assistants makes them perfectly placed to handle this. Not only can a virtual assistant help your business by scheduling appointments, but they can also send reminders, and ensure that everyone is on the same page by communicating accurately.

Customer support:

Your business should always prioritize customer support due to the importance that it holds. Customers can quickly become frustrated if they experience problems with your brand, and it’s vital that your employees can deal with these conflicts and quickly turn them around. Effective communication in English is often essential in these situations, and errors or unclear language can lead to misunderstandings and damage the customer relationship even further. With a Filipino virtual assistant on board, there’s no need to worry as they are trained to the highest standards when it comes to English language skills.

Social media:

Over 30 million small businesses in the US use social media to communicate with their customers. Clearly, then, social media is a big deal for US businesses. And I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s difficult to manage all your social media accounts effectively. But you need to do this. It’s the only way your business will remain competitive. Thankfully, Filipino virtual assistants have mastered all the major social media platforms. This combined with their strong English language skills can help your business maintain a positive reputation and communicate effectively with customers.

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How to Make That Next Step

As you can see, the English proficiency of Filipino virtual assistants guarantees you an effective business solution when it comes to staffing. Not only can they bring a highly polished set of skills to the table, but they do it with all the ease of a native English speaker. And, considering the cost savings on offer, it’s difficult not to be swayed towards this new way of working. Once you integrate virtual assistants into your business, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to cope without them.

But how do you make that next step? How do you align yourself with virtual assistants? How do you transform your business? These are all excellent questions, and we have a simple answer: Us! As a result of years of intensive recruitment and training, Hello Rache has been able to build a strong band of virtual assistants to help your business. Tempted? Of course, you are, and you can get started by clicking here to get in touch with us.